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the study of the operation of factors causing degeneration in the type of offspring produced



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Schmidt, "The Parental Obligation to Expand a Child's Range of Open Futures When Making Genetic Trait Selections for Their Child"; Nunes, "Deafness, Genetics, and Dysgenics"; Hladek, "Cochlear Implants, the Deaf Culture, and Ethics"; Camporesi, "Choosing Deafness with Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis"; Johnston, "In One's Own Image"; and Levy, "Deafness, Culture, and Choice." In a later work, Davis (Genetic Dilemmas, ch.
On several occasions Shockley spoke of dysgenics, a theory which suggests that the deterioration of the human gene pool occurs by increased survival and reproduction of people with undesirable traits.
Eysenck, 1971 (notion of blacks in America as a non-random inferior stock from Africa), Richard Herrnstein, 1971, (tree equality leads to inequality, i.e., hereditary meritocracy) and Williams Shockley ("dysgenics"), are conducive to, if not directly, racist explanations.
Two years later, Richard Lynn, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, published Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration of Modern Populations, which connected human genetics, social class, and intelligence.
Dysgenics and Eugenics; Employment and IQ; Gifted and Talented Children;
This idea has its contemporary exponents, such as Professor Richard Lynn, who argues in Dysgenics (1996) that advanced medicine and the relief of poverty have caused a differential birth rate and reverse selection throughout Western society.
His 1892 book Finger Prints stemmed partly from a desire to assist in surveillance of imputed dysgenics such as Chinese laborers entering the United States.
In Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration of Modern Population, he says: "It is a very serious matter that our genetic quality is deteriorating." He adds that our civilisation depends on the "more intelligent".
* Nonsense dysgenics. A substantial doom section of The Bell Curve is devoted to "dysgenics," the reverse of eugenics--the fear that high fertility rates among those of low mental prowess will swamp society with dumbness.