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the study of the operation of factors causing degeneration in the type of offspring produced



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Shockley referred to dysgenics as the most threatening aspect of high Black reproduction rates and advocated for a "humane sterilization" process as the solution.
Moreover, the offshoot of eugenics (fostering excellence in society and the human species through selective breeding of admirable traits) championed by the statistician Francis Galton, was dysgenics (or negative eugenics).
The issue is not racial dysgenics and the debilitating effects of the welfare state, as conservatives claim, nor is it liberal scapegoats such as "media violence" and "gun availability.
This idea has its contemporary exponents, such as Professor Richard Lynn, who argues in Dysgenics (1996) that advanced medicine and the relief of poverty have caused a differential birth rate and reverse selection throughout Western society.
His 1892 book Finger Prints stemmed partly from a desire to assist in surveillance of imputed dysgenics such as Chinese laborers entering the United States.