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Synonyms for dysfunctional

impaired in function

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(of a trait or condition) failing to serve an adjustive purpose


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However, the result indicates that only emotionality component of test anxiety has turned out to be significantly and positively related to dysfunctional career thoughts.
The fundamental problem is that this only makes a dysfunctional state stronger, i.
At the beginning, consider your needs and personal capacity to break out of any downward spiral, which may be driven by biological illness or developmental impairments, dysfunctional patterns of behavior, rigid beliefs, or lack of social support.
Comer writes that when they begin with a dysfunctional school they might expect improvement in five years.
Also, as more and more families become dysfunctional, schools must take responsibility for teaching values as well as knowledge.
And the movie intelligently contrasts his happy gay family with one of the most dysfunctional "traditional" families you've ever seen.
A perceived dysfunctional team causes patients to question the quality of care received.
Herz and associates theorize that idiopathic childhood urethritis is a manifestation of poor relaxation of the pelvic floor, and treating the underlying dysfunctional elimination can lead to a quicker and more durable response.
The most widely used measure of cognitive vulnerability to depression is the Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale (DAS; Weisman & Beck, 1978).
Recently, when another journalist was allegedly intercepted and beaten up by four gunmen near Koral Chowk on January 10, 2018, officers said Safe City cameras installed nearby were dysfunctional at the time.
All these fountains have become dysfunctional due to dengue threat.
D WHITE wrote that the house of Windsor are dysfunctional and should be replaced with an elected head of state, making us a republic.
In a world ruled by dysfunctional principles, we begin to wonder if we are the only sane person at work, and are amazed that no one else seems to see the problems we do.
SAKHAKOT -- The commuters of Sakhakot were facing problems because of dysfunctional of Generator at NADRA office from the past two months.
But Sefton was a particular hotspot for dysfunctional families, with 44% of children in need defined as being in dysfunctional homes - the fourth highest proportion in England.