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Synonyms for dysfunctional

impaired in function

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(of a trait or condition) failing to serve an adjustive purpose


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But Sefton was a particular hotspot for dysfunctional families, with 44% of children in need defined as being in dysfunctional homes - the fourth highest proportion in England.
According to several patients and a source, the dialysis machines in the hospital have been lying dysfunctional for the last many months, forcing kidney patients to approach private hospitals for treatment and dialysis.
Negative or dysfunctional career thoughts and beliefs have been characterized by career theorists as dysfunctional career beliefs (Krumboltz, 1990), dysfunctional cognitions (Corbishley & Yost, 1989), dysfunctional self-beliefs (Borders & Archadel, 1987), self-defeating assumptions (Dryden, 1999), and faulty self efficacy beliefs (Brown & Lent, 1996), Dysfunctional career thoughts have been associated with a variety of psychological problems.
On the other hand, primed negative mood was not associated with cognitive reactivity or dysfunctional attitudes in responders.
We very excited that Dysfunctional Friends could be apart of ABFF this year for the festivals fifteen year anniversary which is sure to be historic," said the producer and one of the stars of the film Datari Turner.
More recent assessment approaches have adopted a multi-faceted approach in which functional or positive aspects of perfectionism are distinguished from those aspects that are dysfunctional or negative (Frost, Marten, Lahart and Rosenblate, 1990; Hamachek, 1978; Hewitt & Flett, 1991; Hewitt, Flett, Sherry, Habke, Parkin, Lam, McMurtry, Ediger, Fairlie & Stein, 2003; Hill, Huelsman, Furr, Kibler, Vicente & Kennedy, 2004; Terry-Short, Owens, Slade 5c" Dewy, 1995).
Rana said the dysfunctional judges include Syed Zahid Hussain, Shabbar Rizvi, Hamid Ali Shah, Hasnat Ahmed Khan, Sajjad Ali Shah, Yasmeen Abbas and Jahanzaib Rahim.
30pm LET'S face it, we're all sick of stories about dysfunctional families who eventually learn to love each other.
Thus, dysfunctional offspring--and perhaps future violent bullies, racists and even violent criminals--are being created.
The majority of dysfunctional catheters are related to an accumulation of fibrin-based material.
Mired in the Health Care Morass: An Alaskan Takes On America's Dysfunctional Medical System for his Uninsured Daughter" is the tale of accomplished author and geophysicist Neil Davis's fight against the American Health care system and how it is extorting Americans when they are at their most vulnerable--when they are ill themselves or deathly concerned for the well being of their loved ones.
Tuckman's traditional model is very useful for understanding a team's basic functional stages, but his model needs to be expanded for greater understanding of team development, especially during a team's dysfunctional phases.
Either this organisation is utterly dysfunctional or we are not being given the whole truth.
Pre- and posttests revealed that the dysfunctional career thoughts of 158 racially and ethnically diverse college freshmen were significantly reduced following a 6-week, 1-credit-hour career development course.