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Synonyms for dynamical

Synonyms for dynamical

characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality


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Discovery of Dynamical 3-Space: Theory, Experiments and Observations--A Review.
If the function describing the dynamical properties of the discrete oscillating system is assumed as dynamic stiffness or the dynamical flexibility, then the following transforms are used for individual characteristics:
When the power handle was around position 8, dynamical effects appeared: the first wheelset was just on adhesion limit.
Utilization of the testing equipment for dynamical loading of the machine aggregates and mechanisms can be used for creation of dynamic loads with defined static and dynamic parameters within a technological process (Mudrik & Nad 2007).
3]\D) is a trajectory of a potential dynamical system with three degrees of freedom associated to the potential -f in int([R.
then the error dynamical system between the drive system (6) and the response system (7) is
While we expect that developing accurate and reliable dynamical simulation tools will remain a challenging enterprise for some time to come, we believe that techniques and tools are now beginning to emerge to improve the process.
Informed by history and the science of dynamical systems, measurable changes to human institutions/infrastructures may arise via gradual, small-scale forcings that accumulate beyond a critical threshold, via a single, large triggering event and/or via a closely spaced avalanche of interdependent changes.
For this curve the dynamical phase vanishes as one can verify by inserting the Schrodinger equation H(t)|[phi](t)> = ihd/dt|[phi](t)> into the parallel transport condition.
Investigating deviations from dynamical randomness with scaling indices.
24 /CNW-PRN/ - Certicom, a leading provider of mobile e-business security, and Dynamical Systems Research Ltd.
This headless body is "fearful" in Kant's sense, in which fear is a dynamical form of the Sublime, where one "can regard an object as fearful without being afraid of it.
These chapters include discussions of such important issues as the long-run survival of weakly, strictly, and iteratively strictly dominated strategies, and the mapping between stationary states of the dynamical system on the one hand, and aggregate Nash equilibrium behavior (the static solution concepts discussed in Chapter One) and evolutionary stability criteria (the quasidynamic solution concepts discussed in Chapter Two) on the other.
Computational molecular biology involves applying computers to the dynamical systems and complexity of the nervous systems of living organisms.
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