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Roger Luckhurst considers Joan Didion's memoir of bereavement The Year of Magical Thinking within the context of the contemporary boom in trauma memoir, and traces the 'secret history of cognitions' that Didion's account references, in which extreme mental states are associated with the magical and numinous, back to the beginnings of dynamic psychiatry in the early nineteenth century, as the underside of rationalist modernity.
The volume was assembled by work groups organized by a steering committee of leaders within the American Psycho-analytic Association, the International Psychoanalytical Association, the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and Dynamic Psychiatry, the division of psychoanalysis of the American Psychological Association, and the National Membership Committee on Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work.
Some 50 years ago, Waldo Masserman, in The Practice of Dynamic Psychiatry (1954), noted that "music is a defense against fear and aloneness.
By the 1970s, however, dynamic psychiatry was perceived as unscientific, with vague diagnoses, unfalsifiable etiological theories, and weak standards of effectiveness.
As early as 1916 Breton, an assistant doctor in the Neuro-Psychiatric Center at Saint-Dizier, came into contact with Freud's theories and other principal works in dynamic psychiatry, which were to provide his theoretical bases.
And it is the pretext for restoring to us a world that has been swallowed up: the facts, the theories, the debates over magnetism, the burgeoning plurality of trends, as much about questions that have been neglected as areas where animal magnetism has been seen as the prehistory of dynamic psychiatry.
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