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Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

a state of conflict between persons


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the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another

effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure

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Measured DFC outcomes amongst the 4 PMMA samples and 3 shoes showed high skid-resistance functioning during two sets of dynamic friction measurements (Figure 3).
First, we consider a simple yet illustrative example to demonstrate the basic usage of the above formulation and verify the contact-friction force computation by the transition between the static friction of the stick state and the dynamic friction of the sliding state.
(ii) The variability of the dynamic friction [mu] with the vertical load acting on it.
Dynamic friction coefficient during considered virtual test was chosen to be 0,3.
where [F.sub.f piston] and [F.sub.f rod] are the static friction forces of the piston and the rod, [v.sub.M] is the relative velocity between the piston and the cylinder barrel, [v.sub.tr1] and [v.sub.tr2] are the slip velocities for fully developed dynamic friction of the piston and the rod, and [[mu].sub.D1] and [[mu].sub.D2] are the dynamic friction coefficients of the piston and the rod.
To determine if a statistical correlation exists, clutch friction data were plotted against both static and dynamic friction indices.
A simple friction law with static and dynamic friction levels can produce tremor-like events below the seismogenic layer of strike-slip faulting, if the stress drop is close to zero.
Using proprietary analysis technology for dynamic friction, NSK was able to optimise the internal specifications of its bearing.
Observing it closely, I see that there is some sort of rite of passage that a daughter goes through: from complete awe of and dependence on her father to self-doubt, to recognition of disillusionment, to initial dynamic friction, before outright rebellion, and then finally detachment.
Dynamic friction was measured on a Symyx tack and friction station, where a steel ball (3/8" diameter) was dragged over a coating at a fixed velocity and under a constant normal load and the lateral friction force was measured.
(2000) discuss the use of the circular texture meter (CT meter) and dynamic friction tester (DFT) in determining the international friction index (IFI) values for different pavement types.
Rogers, "Improved dynamic friction models for simulation of one-dimensional and two-dimensional stick-slip motion," Journal of Tribology, vol.
Sirghi, "Effect of capillary-condensed water on the dynamic friction force at nanoasperity contacts," Applied Physics Letters, vol.
When a basket with guiding slats is used, the web slides over the slats (dynamic friction).
To estimate the friction coefficient between the surface of the paperboard and the indenter material, the dynamic friction test (horizontal method) was carried out with a specially designed machine.
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