dynamic electricity

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a flow of electric charge

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Effective and Equitable Adoption of Opt-In Dynamic Electricity Pricing.
Dynamic electricity prices and the ability for customers and the utility to communicate and respond in real time are the keys to transforming the electricity system.
Sources: PJM Interconnection; McKinsey analysis Note: Table made from bar graph EXHIBIT 4 Economics of dynamic electricity pricing Average US household example; $ per household (15-year present value) Net cost savings (1) 290-350 Utilities' up-front capital investment 220-250 Net present value created 40-130 Utilities make 100% of up-front investment and must keep 70% of gross benefits to maintain positive net present value Benefit shared by customers and utilities Customers 30% Utilities 70% (1)Present value of annual cost savings after real-time metering and billing system operating costs have been subtracted; assumes 10-year depreciation tax shield for system capital costs and discount rate of 7% (low discount rate assumes guaranteed regulated return).
4 continues to enhance Powerit's ability to integrate dynamic electricity pricing and demand-side management programs for industrial users who need to precisely control their loads in a seamless and effortless way.
Contract award: costs and benefits of dynamic electricity pricing components as a means to increase the flexibility of demand.
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