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(aeronautics) the state of equilibrium in which centrifugal forces due to a rotating mass (e

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Banks with restructuring plans approved before year-end 2013 will be doing stress tests based on a dynamic balance sheet," the ECB said.
Tom Burns, chief distribution officer with Allianz Life, said, 'inclusion of the US Dynamic Balance Index gives our products a powerful combination for consumers looking for protection with accumulation potential based on the performance of an external index.
Session Third Week Ankleknee Hip Up or down lunch Stretch (first) on apaw Scat + 10 minute + + Flections 3 reuse Flections Flections and 1 set and and Extension 15 second Extension Extension + with knee Rotation flex Rotation Session Second Week Ankleknee Hip Up or down Scat Stretch (first) on apaw lunch + 10 minute + + Flections 3 reuse Flections Flections and 1 set and and Extension 15 second Extension Extension with knee flex Session First Week Ankleknee Hip Up or Scat Stretch (first) down lunch 10 minute on 3 reuse apaw 1 set 15 second Table 3: The mean and standard deviation, inferential tests, and static and dynamic balance tests.
The newly created Barclays US Dynamic Balance Index appeals to customers responding to the low-cap environment by offering an uncapped strategy with an annual spread.
There are various methods to assess dynamic balance [3] and star excursion balance test (SEBT) is one of the reliable and feasible methods to assess dynamic balance as it challenges a person's ability to maintain a stable base of support simultaneously performing reach movement [511] SEBT has been found to be a predictive measure of lower extremity injury in high school basketball players.
Otero concluded that a programme of physical exercise based on low-intensity strength exercises and exercises involving static and dynamic balance, carried out three days per week in one-hour sessions over a 6-month period, leads to significant improvements in muscular strength in the upper and lower limbs and in static and dynamic balance in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis.
The study showed that if instructors require individuals with visual impairments to perform balance-improving exercises, the result can be an outstanding improvement in their dynamic balance.
Dynamic balance was assessed using the MEDSP300 (Medical Sports Performance 300, Tumer Eng.
The church's evaluation of war is a dynamic balance between reverence for every human life as God-given and sacred and acknowledgement for every nation's right to defend itself against unjust attack.
Allowing the student to gently bobble his own head, moving from high up in the head, he can readily find his own "sweet spot"--the point where the head is in dynamic balance and creates no extra drag on the muscles.
Balance System SD from Biodex Medical Systems incorporates both static and dynamic balance testing and training capabilities.
This dynamic balance of introverted and extroverted reader's spaces is an apt architectural metaphor for Montreal and contemporary Quebec, where enduring local traditions have now come to co-exist comfortably with the finessing of global economic and technological forces.
In Sport trim the handling is sharp and the overall dynamic balance spot on.
It will also provide natural, dynamic balance after a few, short practice sessions.
A dynamic balance : social capital and sustainable community development.
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