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a unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 cm/sec/sec to a mass of 1 gram

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Y Dyn Gwyllt: Tri Thymor, S4C, Nos Iau (Thursday), 9.
The Mirai code was dumped on the internet about a month ago, and criminal groups are now charging to employ it in cyber attacks, said Allison Nixon, director of security research at Flashpoint, which was helping Dyn analyze the attack.
With its confessional letters, personal postcards, and photographs of the Dyn artists in casual situations, "Farewell to Surrealism" proposed that the backstory of rivalries and relationships occurring oft the page is as revealing as the content within the journal's covers.
Van Dyn Hoven argued that the bankruptcy court erred in not allowing him to discharge debt used to pay overdrafts for payments of payroll taxes.
We've done API integration with many leading cloud SMTP services and email service provider vendors (ESPs)," said Danny Tal, VP Sales for Ongage, "However, the kind of relationship we have with Dyn, in which we send each other many mutual clients, is unparalleled with any other vendor.
As part of the agreement, Dyn has offered all of TZOa[euro](tm)s full-time employees, including Gary Morton, former chief executive officer of TZO, the option to transition to Dyna[euro](tm)s Manchester, New Hampshire-based corporate headquarters.
Next, they incorporated Dyn - short for Dynamic Network Services Inc.
This is why, through various initiatives and our own Dyn University, Dyn has committed to train and educate future workforce talent.
Dyma yw bwriad y gyfres newydd o Taith Fawr y Dyn Bach yn ol cyflwynydd y gyfres, James Lusted.
Thanks to the transaction, Dyn's enterprise clients will be able to easily transfer to multi-vendor strategies across all area of their infrastructure as Dyn will now provide premium redundancy.
Division I: Dewsbury Rang v Linthwai 11te, Howden Cl v Golcar Jun, Liversedge v Hepworth U, Skelmanthorpe v Honley, Vision v Dalton Dyn.
RHYW wythnos yn l, yng Nghanolfan Uwch Gwyrfai, a''r lle dan ei sang, fel sydd yn draddodiad bellach, daeth Dyn efo Bocs i''n diddanu.
But the Dyn Project, which was launched in January this year to help heterosexual, gay, bisexual and transgender male victims of domestic abuse, said many men are still refusing to report the problem.
Dyn, the worldwide leader in Internet Infrastructure as a Service, announced that Dawes, John McCauley (lead singer of Deer Tick) and Friends and Delta Spirit will headline their 2013 SXSW Music Meets Tech (MMT) event on Tuesday, March 12 at The Cedar Street Courtyard in Austin, TX.
TRANSL888 it: James Lusted is back on the road travelling across Wales to meet another six people who live with various conditions or disabilities in the second series of Taith Fawr y Dyn Bach (The Little Man's Big Journey), which starts on Tuesday on S4C.