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Synonyms for dyke

Synonyms for dyke

(slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine

a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea


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enclose with a dike

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A drill program will test spodumene mineralization identified during the mapping program on granitic outcrops west of the Main Dyke.
At one point in time, Van Dyke was even offered the role of Gilligan on "Gilligan's Island.
In the ridge N of Wadgrai, there is a 350 m long and a few to some meters thick composite dyke comprising up to 2 m thick reddish pink granite sheets flanking a dark doleritic rock on both sides.
It has been a tedious job to repair to repair the dyke every year before the rainy season, and meeting the cost is not easy," he said.
Eugene police confirmed that Van Dyke was the person to make the initial 911 call, but a department spokeswoman said she couldn't confirm other elements of his account Saturday because the case remained open.
We're supportive of Roy Hodgson, we've asked him to stay as manager," Dyke said.
Certainly the dyke was built to make a statement about the power of the kingdom of Mercia.
Mr Hirst remembered leaving a taKe-away after telling DyKe, who was inside with his twin brother, that he was acting liKe a child, then nothing until waKing up on a stretcher.
The Christmas Cove Dyke of coastal Maine is a large intrusion of quartz tholeiite that extends between Early Mesozoic riff basins in New England and Atlantic Canada, and as we will show, appears to be co-magmatic with their Late Triassic flood basalts.
Even though Roy Hodgson's men could be contemplating a play-off place at best if they lose, Dyke opted not to break a commitment made before he was appointed to replace David Bernstein.
The two targets I have for the England team are - one, to at least reach the semi-finals of Euro 2020," said Dyke.
Van Dyke, who w home after bei his wife Arl joked about He tweet of the burn "Used Jag CHEAP
The FA board has unanimously approved the nomination of Dyke, 65, to succeed David Bernstein when he leaves the post in July.
Just before Van Dyke turned seventeen, he landed a job as a part-time announcer for the local CBS radio outlet.
Speaking at the University of York, Mr Dyke said he believed the UK could support a network of up to 80 stations with running costs of pounds 500,000 each year.