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Synonyms for dyke

Synonyms for dyke

(slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine

a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea


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enclose with a dike

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Miller noted Van Dyke said he didn't feel like himself upon returning to work.
While details about the attack and reason for the transfer remain unclear, a source close to the Van Dyke family told USA Today that the ex-policeman suffered facial injuries in the Feb.
'Coach Louie gave me new life when he told me that I will play basketball again,' said Dyke, who wasn't part of La Salle's Season 80 roster.
But dyke has long been an identity moniker meaning "strong" and "empowered" for many lesbians.
Van Dyke states she inherited her creative bent from her dad who was a longtime auto body mechanic.
Announcing the appointment, BAFTA explained that Dyke would support its president, the Duke of Cambridge, and "assume an ambassadorial role for the charity across the television sector".
Dyke, who began his career as a reporter on The Journal, moved into television in 1977 at London Weekend Television.
The fund was part of the SSP 420,000 pledged for the dyke.
Van Dyke's account contradicts earlier police and media reports.
Hodgson, who has two years left on his contract, said following the Uruguay defeat that he would not resign, and yesterday Dyke gave him his full backing.
Now quantity surveyor Stuart DyKe - who plays for Huddersfield YMCA - has been ordered to pay PS2,000 compensation to the man who was his victim.
A large Early Mesozoic quartz tholeiite dyke has been mapped discontinuously for 190 km in southern coastal Maine, USA.
FA CHAIRMAN Greg Dyke can understand why the Premier League turned down a seat on his commission to improve the England team - but that they are wrong to have done so.
NEW FA chairman Greg Dyke will miss England's crunch game in Ukraine tomorrow - because of a business meeting.