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someone whose job is to dye cloth

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"In 1660, the same year in which Mary Dyer was executed," said he, "Charles II.
"Why shouldn't they dig the man up and have the Crowner?" said the dyer. "It's been done many and many's the time.
Beautiful things began to be made, beautiful colours came from the dyer's hand, beautiful patterns from the artist's brain, and the use of beautiful things and their value and importance were set forth.
He was a dyer, who in the course of dipping homespun wool and old women's petticoats had got fired with the ambition to learn a great deal more about the strange secrets of colour.
You know, I said, that dyers, when they want to dye wool for making the true sea-purple, begin by selecting their white colour first; this they prepare and dress with much care and pains, in order that the white ground may take the purple hue in full perfection.
Dyer turns his hand to romance in this flick as he plays Mark Lamanuzzi, who surprises his American bride with a dream honeymoon to Portugal.
" Two New Hampshire police officers, Randy Dyer ('Officer Dyer') and Keith Lee ('Officer Lee'), were instructed to visit [defendant Gregory] Owens's residence in the town of Londonderry to verify the presence of his two vehicles.
VIEWERS have been royally impressed with Danny Dyer's new history series, with some fans even calling for the programme to be used in school lessons.
OKLAHOMA CITY Ray Dyer, a third-generation publisher of the El Reno Tribune, is the new president of the Oklahoma Press Association.
Louis County judge's signature, repeatedly failing to appear in court and abandoning his clients in criminal cases, requiring public defenders to take them on.<br />In its order, the court said it found probable cause that Steven Edward Dyer was guilty of professional misconduct and that he failed to respond to the allegations filed by the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.
Danny Dyer spoke for the nation last night, as he issued a magnificent, sweary takedown ofDavid Cameronon live television.
Dani Dyer has been labelled "the new Marcel" by Love Island viewers, after she name-dropped her dad Danny Dyer within a few hours of entering the villa.
The experience of Rear Admiral George Dyer illustrates the dangers of mirror-imaging coalition allies, even those as close as the Royal Navy.
Thus entered the grey eyed, newly minted Lt Royce Dyer, whom Ironside had come to be very fond of.
KIERON Dyer leans forward, puts one hand on top of the other and takes a contemplative glance out of the window.