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Synonyms for dyed

(used of color) artificially produced

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But there is nothing comforting in having your hair cut off because you've dyed it a dreadful color, is there?
Major Fitz-David lifted his eyebrows (dyed to match his whiskers) in polite surprise.
At the end of upright spear-shafts the long tufts of dyed horse-hair waved crimson and filmy in the gust of wind; and beyond the blaze of hedges the brook of limpid quick water ran invisible and loud under the drooping grass of the bank, with a great murmur, passionate and gentle.
This usually consists of a gray surcoat and leggins of the dressed skin of the antelope, resembling chamois leather, and embroidered with porcupine quills brilliantly dyed. A buffalo robe is thrown over the right shoulder, and across the left is slung a quiver of arrows.
It must have specks, it must be imperfect, it must only be dyed black.
A modern-day dyer with his finger on the pulse is London-based Turguy Mustafa of Showhurst Ltd, which creates `hand' dyed effects.
The dyed cracks then are viewed under a bright light (or black light if an ultraviolet dye was used).
Create a weaving using wool they have dyed, incorporating triangles into the design.
Samples of wool/cotton crosswooven blends dyed in a single dye bath.
With rapid changes in fashion, the textile industry is making a steady shift towards prints, rather than dyed fabrics.
The dyes were applied on fabric by exhaust dyeing procedure and the resulting dyed fabrics were characterized for washing, light, perspiration and rubbing fastness properties.
Different techniques are used depending on the type of fiber to be dyed. Also, some dyes are made only for wool or animal protein fiber, and will not be successful on cotton or other plant fibers.
Ease of manufacturing coupled with incessant growth in demand for black shade dyed denims and cotton & synthetic garments is encouraging the production of Sulphur black dye for the India textile industry.
Several fabrics were dyed using both conventional and new method under investigation and comparison was made in terms of rubbing fastness washing fastness and colour difference properties.
The effect of these variables was examined on the color strength of dyed samples as a dependent factor (response).