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Synonyms for dye

Synonyms for dye

something that imparts color

to impart color to

to immerse in a coloring solution


Synonyms for dye

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The values of the percent dye fixation on to the fabric are listed in Table-6.
Rageliene, Dye Migration Influences on Colour: Characteristics of Wool Fabric Dyed with Acid Dye.
It has been estimated that the Agricultural Dyes Market will grow by almost USD 580 million by the year 2025.
Key Players of Global Agricultural Dyes Market =>
Reduction of Sudan I was determined by monitoring the disappearance of the absorption peak for the dye at 500 nm (Chen et al., 2009).
Add a half to two cups of vinegar to the dye pot according to the manufacturer's directions.
The study revealed that after well pretreatments, for maximum dye utilization, dyeing process was carried out under the optimal level of controlling parameters.
Azo blue dye at the concentration of 300 mg/L were added individually to the inoculated flask and incubated at 35[degrees]C for 3 days.
For dye N719, however, recombination at longer wavelengths in both thin and thick Ti[O.sub.2] photoelectrodes is likely due to multilayer formation hindering injection kinetics of low energy electrons.
After addition of dye decolorization effect of the reaction mixture was monitored after 15 min as the reaction was fast and completed decolorization was observed within this time period.
For instance, a linen dress I was hoping to dye a deep brown with black walnut turned into a beautiful yellow-copper instead.
Food dyeing: Food dyeing potential of the dye was analyzed using rice purchased from local market of Rawalpindi.
[UKPRwire, Mon Jul 22 2019] The purpose of this MRH research study titled Global Basic Organic Paper Dyes Market Insights, Forecast to 2025 is to enlighten the readers about the Basic Organic Paper Dyes Market with a stern focus on the development trends and opportunities projected for future years.
Natural Dyeing With Plants features full-page color photos of plants, textiles, and dyeing techniques and covers the result of obtaining dyes from over 40 source plants available in gardens and roadsides.