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a form of government having two joint rulers

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Curtis, Lionel (1920).Papers relating to the application of the principle of dyarchy to the government of India, to which are appended the report of the Joint select committee and the Government of India act, 1919.
Under the system of dyarchy there were only a few departments that were open to participation of the people.
(101.) See Mahmud, supra note 20, at 1284-85 (discussing the extensive presidential powers conferred by the Eighth Amendment); Mohammad Waseem, Pakistan's Lingering Crisis of Dyarchy, 32 ASIAN SURV.
The 1858-1935 Constitutional development also witnessed some novel political and legislative models These models included entry of army officers in administrative and legislative bodies, restricted franchise, nominations in the otherwise elected bodies and introduction of Dyarchy. Obviously these concepts were not in consonance with democratic norms.
Agamben further develops his examination of the instability of the bare-life/good-life dyarchy by introducing his conception of sovereignty, which is closely based on Carl Schmitt's definition of the sovereign as the one who decides on the exception.
Furthermore, the happy and compatible partnership she shares with Tom Bombadil conforms to Tolkien's ideas about married life for hobbits--the "dyarchy" in which each person has equal status but different roles--and anticipates the fruitful contentment that characterizes Sam's marriage to Rosie.
The tumultuous transition from the traditional Spartan dyarchy to a Hellenistic-style monarchy, and Sparta's attempts to regain its dominance in the Peloponnese (lost since the battle of Leuktra in 371 B.C.), are reflected in the promotion of the pan-Peloponnesian hero Herakles as a role model for the single king at the expense of the Dioskouroi, who symbolized dual kingship and had a limited, regional appeal.
By 1957, a political dyarchy had been established which saw Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa as the prime minister.
Heesterman (the "conundrum" of kingship and the brahman-king dyarchy in classical Sanskrit texts), Ronald Inden (the cyclic alternation between the king's ritual and political sovereignty according to early "medieval" Sanskrit texts, especially the Visnudharmottarapurana), Toshikazu Arai (the contrast between Jaina and Hindu kingship in Merutunga's fourteenth-century Jaina Prabandhacintamani), Burton Stein (the Pallavas' adoption of the Jaina ideal of the moral king as opposed to the warrior king of the Tamil puram poetry), Brenda E.
This brief interlude of some promise was also peremptorily ended and superseded by a dyarchy of acute dimensions.
Entries on the Simon Commission, which in 1929 reappraised the dyarchy government system for Burma, and on the development and nature of nationalism in Burma would be useful.
To a certain extent, there's a dyarchy in foreign policy, a rule by two: the State Department and Helms."
Later in the novel, it may be more than coincidence that the name Sisimithres is composed of Mithras and (running in reverse) Isis--Mithras with solar connections and Isis with lunar, thus reflecting the Ethiopic religious dyarchy in the novel.
Local government in Britain is being overwhelmingly replaced by an unequal and confused dyarchy, made up of two forms of local administration - the new system of agencies run by the unaccountable new magistracy and the much-weakened and dismembered system of elected local authorities.
The volume, in its second part, does include a few letters and reports from Nkrumah and one or two other African ministers, once dyarchy was established in 1951, but essentially this is a British colonial perspective with most Gold Coast correspondence stemming from the Governor who continued to exercise control over local treasury policy as well as having reserve powers over the key matters of defence (and internal security) and external affairs to the last.