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Synonyms for dwindling

a becoming gradually less

gradually decreasing until little remains

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'With the neutralization of their potential leaders, the capability of local terrorist groups in Lanao area is now dwindling,' he said.
The dwindling who received their flu jab during the early stages of the vaccination programme comes after concerns were raised about the way the vaccine was distributed this year.
According to him, the yearly dwindling budgetary allocation to FCT is unacceptable.
He said the dwindling reserves reflected the weakening position of the economy.
Tight cotton supply owing to dwindling stocks and rising lint demand from spinners has pushed ginners to hold back the commodity in order to get higher prices in coming days.
It's time our club involved the fans more - or we will continue to see dwindling numbers, dwindling hope and dwindling interest.
Global Banking News-November 6, 2017--Survey indicates Italians' dwindling trust in banks
Summary: Two large cement plants are expected to begin operations by the end of the year, according to a state official, who said the Kingdom has reached its limit for domestic cement production and the government will stop issuing new licences in order to protect dwindling natural resources.
(PNA) - Fish catch in Negros is dwindling, according to results of a study conducted by a researcher from the University of Philippines (UP)-Diliman.
A growing number of rent-controlled apartments are being converted to condominiums or simply being razed in Los Angeles, leaving the city with a dwindling supply and fewer affordable options for residents.
This time of year the dwindling brightness matters, multiplying
Egypt has not bought any crude on the open market since January due to dwindling foreign currency reserves
Summary: The Egyptian pound hit a record low on Tuesday after weakening again at a central bank US dollar auction designed to stem a decline in the country's dwindling foreign currency reserves.
US ethanol production dropped to its lowest level in 10 months as dwindling pre-harvest corn stocks crushed profit margins, while a deepening drought in the Midwest threatens to extend the pain into next year.