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smallness of stature

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Nordau's description above, which describes the degeneracy and dwarfishness of descendants of addicts, is apt in the context of Strange Case, in which Jekyll metaphorically fathers Hyde, his dwarfish, violent offspring.
However, many details in these acquire added resonance from reading them in conjunction with newly published letters, with RB's much less numerous letters, and, in some instances with letters not from but to EBB, as in the case of a letter from Mitford including the latest gossip on the author of Jane Eyre as "a clergyman's daughter, diminutive almost to dwarfishness" (p.
I hate the Jews since I was David or Joseph--I hate the Jews because they disregard my language, because their ears are misshapen and they listen for dwarfishness and a Jewish accent.
The author distrusts the "official" level of social life but focuses on the defective and the deviate in nature itself - that is to say, "otherness" in its most radical sense, as symbolized by homosexual love, by the dwarfishness of Vittorio, and by the Dostoevskian "idiocy" of the hero himself.