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The transgressions of the table are transformed here from the potentially horrific moment with the goats into the comic deprecations of a dwarfish Thor.
Ramsay: "In the presence of beauty, we experience an exquisite sense of adaptation of the mind to reality; but in the turbulent presence of the sublime we are forcibly reminded of the limits of our dwarfish imaginations and admonished that the world as infinite totality is not ours to know.
Perhaps an even closer resemblance exists between Bronte's identification of Madame Walravens with the evil fairy Malevola--"hunchbacked, dwarfish" and replete with "a silver beard" (16)--and Hawthorne's depiction of the ancient "manlike" paysannes of Tuscany, viewed by Kenyon upon his departure from Monte Beni, who "set off their witchlike ugliness to the worst advantage with black-felt hats, bequeathed them, one would fancy, by their long-buried husbands."(17) And the recurring appearances of Lucy's ghostly nun and Miriam's model, in eerie surroundings and at times of heightened psychological tension, recall not only fairy tales but childhood nightmares as well.
Onawa Lake, dwarf and normal phenotypes also showed a much higher degree of overlap of the most common genotype (91% of normal fish and 56% of dwarfish) than in Lake Utopia.
From the summit of the precipice which forms the southern and eastern sides of this mountain peninsula, and is its most remarkable feature, being described as five or six hundred feet high, we looked, and probably might have jumped down to the water, or to the seemingly dwarfish trees on the narrow neck of land which connects it with the main.
Irving tells how henpecked Rip Van Winkle in the days before the Revolution wanders into the Catskills with his faithful dog Wolf and there meets a dwarfish and strangely costumed man whom he helps carry a keg of liquor.
Enhanced contrast (left) shows it as much less dwarfish.
Ea, however, drugged Apsu and his dwarfish counselor Mummu, killed Apsu, and imprisoned the dwarf.
Accordingly, Doctorow portrays them as dwarfish or "diminutive" people, in clear contrast to Martha's second husband, a large opera singer frequently associated with Russia and portrayed as a huge, arrogant person.
(Lewis also refers to "the" dwarfish marching song in The Last Battle [78], but he does not quote from it, so it is not of the same importance.)
Since then, the dwarfish, rachitic farmer said, he runs away from me, he hides in his house or in the stable whenever we cross paths.
We need besides the applause and the blessing of the old to encourage us in the colossal struggle and the gigantic campaign that we have thrown over our dwarfish shoulders.
"Luscious as fruit," they were, and "slippery as fish." To me they looked a match for any petty thief but, fatally, they took their eye off the ball for a second and Alberich, the dwarfish Nibelung from the dark nation of Nibelheim situated beneath the bedrock, had pinched the lot.
Delusia was there, as beautiful as Flam had said, with her dwarfish husband Napoo, uglier than I had suspected.