dwarf willow

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widely distributed boreal shrubby willow with partially underground creeping stems and bright green glossy leaves

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naturcymru.or In Snowdonia, tens of thousands of people must tread on the dwarf willow's wiry branches as they seek the summits.
Dwarf willow is an overlooked but charismatic species, a longlived plant with stories to tell.
Alongside them are obligate dwarf willow partners - true alpine species such as mountain grisette and pasture brittlegill, whose only Welsh sites are on Snowdonia's summits.
This is an arctic species and in Britain its only host plant is the dwarf willow.
After departure by helicopter, we observed a GPS-collared brown bear in a dwarf willow thicket at the creek edge, 400 m southeast of the caches.
The dwarf willow Salix helvetica has charming glossy brown buds, while many of the conifers have appealing plump buds with different-coloured scaly coverings.
The smallest tree in the world is the dwarf willow. In some places, it grows only two inches (5 cm) tall.
Bankers Dwarf Willow (Salix Retusa X Salix Nigricans) is a good cross developed specifically for stream bank protection by the SCS and USDA.
She said, "They include dwarf willow, Snowdon lily, wood cranesbill, and the small white orchid.
10 The world's smallest tree, the dwarf willow, never grows as much as three inches tall in its mountaintop habitat - true or false?
The area is the most southerly region of the British Isles where some rare alpine plants - such as the dwarf willow and the rhacomitrium moss - are seen.
Scientists using sophisticated computer modelling predict some species, like the bog rosemary and dwarf willow are vulnerable, especially in the mountains of north Wales which, if pushed north, have literally nowhere left to go.
Arriving at a strategic vantage point invariably means trudging through a sinking carpet of pitcher plants, dwarf willows, lichen and crowberry.
He'd likely heard us walking, mistaking us for some rival bull, And as I crouched watching, my heart thudding, he lowered his massive head and slashed at a hapless clump of dwarf willows. Satisfied, he turned back to stare back down toward where I was doing my best impression of a stunted spruce.