dwarf tulip

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small early blooming tulip

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Plant taller varieties such as daffodils and tall tulips in the bottom layer then add some compost then plant dwarf tulips and Hyacinths, then add more compost and plant miniature varieties such as crocus, dwarf Iris and snowdrops.
For bolder garden displays of bulbs in the open garden one of the best ways of growing them is in spring containers, planted over the next few months with winter and spring bulbs such as dwarf tulips, muscari, small narcissi or hyacinths underneath pansies, polyanthus or dwarf wallflowers.
GET a spring border or patio full of glorious colour with our amazing dwarf daffodils and dwarf tulips.
Spice up your space age planting scheme with some dwarf tulips, such as the blood-red Tulipa praestans Fusilier, flowering in early spring.
The vibrant colours of our Mixed Dwarf Tulips make a real impact.
It includes a range of pretty petals including 10 Dwarf Tulips in a series of gorgeous colours, 65 striking Alliums, 40 fresh crocuses, 25 beautifully perfumed Muscari and 10 dancing daffodils.
If your garden is exposed to the wind, dwarf tulips are a better buy, and there's a wide choice of miniature bulbs, including dwarf iris, anemones, crocus and grape hyacinths (Muscari) which look lovely planted in large drifts.
Nothing looks dafter than three or four tall tulips in a little pot - but few things look more stunning than a whole host of dwarf tulips fighting for space in the biggest pot you can find.If you want to cut some next spring and bring them indoors, remember they'll sway towards the light like a drunk finding a lamppost.
This charming set of 15 bulbs includes crocus, dwarf tulips, anemones and chionodoxa and can be yours if you simply fill out the order form below and send it in a stamped addressed envelope.
It includes crocus, dwarf tulips, anemones and chionodoxa and all you have to do to get yours is fill in the coupon below and send it with a self-addressed envelope with a stamp for 28p on it.