dwarf phlox

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low tufted perennial phlox with needlelike evergreen leaves and pink or white flowers

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DWARF phlox They are among my favourite rockery plants, their flat heads of brightly coloured blooms providing a wealth of colour in rockeries, tumbling over walls and providing masses of colour in alpine planters.
DWARF phlox is among my all-time favourite rockery plants, its petite colourful starry flowers cascading over walls, filling in gaps in the scree bed or brightening up alpine troughs in an array of colours, from white to deep pinks and purples.
They also like: Buddleia, ivy, sedium, honesty, sweet rocket, honeysuckle, aster, candytuft, Michaelmas daisy, nicotiana, arabis, dwarf phlox, rosemary, hyssop, lavender, bergamot, thyme, marjoram, agrimony, thistles.' D33507_2' WILD THINGS...
Gentians give a beautiful blue with spring, summer and autumn blooming varieties while the dwarf phlox is another low trailer.
Fill any of them with the flowers shown, or try dwarf chrysanthemums ('Golden Carpet', 'White Primavera', or 'Yellow Primavera'), nemesia, portulaca, nasturtiums, and dwarf phlox. In shade or half-shade, try bedding begonias, calceolaria, impatiens, Johnny-jump-up, and trailing or mounding campanulas (C.