dwarf iris

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low-growing spring-flowering American iris with bright blue-lilac flowers

low-growing summer-flowering iris of northeastern United States

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It is inspiring to be with her as she identifies wild leeks and a rare salamander, comes face to face with a bobcat or strings the names of flowers together as if the hills were blooming in poetry: "Down here it's deep in spring, the mountainside's covered with dwarf iris, fire pink, ladyslippers, bloodroot, flowering dogwoods, shadbush, golden ragwort, violets...
february/march Glory of the Snow Crocus "Blue Bird" Crocus "Remembrance" Harmony, Dwarf Iris "Tete a Tete" Botanical Daffodil Striped Squill
Our beautiful dwarf Iris reticulata are the perfect addition to your garden in spring.
Dwarf Iris reticulata is one of the earliest flowers to appear in the spring garden, from as early as February when little else is creating interest.
Please send cheques and postal orders, made payable to Mr Fothergill's, to: People Dwarf Iris Offer, Mr Fothergill's, Rookery Farm, Holbeach St Johns, Spalding, PE12 8SG, stating your name and address.
Instead plant croci, Muscari, snowdrops, glory-of-the-snow, scillas, bulbous dwarf iris, and petite daffodils and tulips.
The dwarf Iris Katherine Hodgkin, above, sports an unusual colour palette of duck egg blue and light green with standards in white and yellow with violet spots, all with a slatey hue.
The first to bloom in spring are the dwarf Iris reticulata that are 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6") tall.
This type of planting works very well when mixed with spring flowering bulbs such as dwarf iris, narcissi or crocus.
Dwarf iris mixed x 50 RRP pounds 9..98, offer price pounds 8.98.
Offer price pounds 8.98) These dwarf Iris will cower in late winter to early spring producing large cowers on dwarf stems.
And pop in a few spring-flowering bulbs like crocus and dwarf iris.
the hea - tY dis Your local centre may also be displaying winter crocus and dwarf iris. Soon, the smaller tulips that transplant easily enough will be available.