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a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider

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Bedding experts The Fine Bedding Company recommends that duvets should be washed every six months, or once a year at the very least.
But because it is winter everyone here is shopping for quilts, duvets and duvet covers.
Watercolour floral print duvet cover in 200 thread count percale cotton.
Both the rug and the duvet are made of Nylon and Latex with digitally printed illustrations on them.
You can buy matching pairs of duvets where one is for summer, the second for in-between, but put them together inside a duvet cover and they're suitable for winter.
Recycling charity Toogoodtowaste - which has showrooms in Rhondda and Aberdare - was handed a large donation of pre-owned duvets and pillows by the Ministry of Defence, and put a message on its Facebook page offering them to any centre who looked after rescue dogs or cats.
My beautiful white duvet cover all covered in black syrup.
Thinner duvets could be called "sheets" and the thicker ones "blankets".
It has always been our focus to support the customers with timeless duvets and hence we are presently extending a lifetime guarantee on all our products," stated Annemien, Christine's daughter, who co-manages the business with her mother.
If you like the idea of snuggling under the duvet with Kylie et al, you'll be pleased to know that each of these ladies' ranges really does encapsulate their character.
The Fine Bedding Company makes the most luxurious duvets and pillows, as well as mattress toppers and protectors, and its new products are sure to transform the way you sleep so you wake up feeling revitalised.
As with Hastens' mattresses, the pillows and duvets are made entirely with natural materials, including feathers and 100 percent cotton outer shells.
If you happen to have both a) a dog and b) a collection of ratty T-shirts and socks taking up space in your dresser drawers, consider turning those rags into a comfy canine couch with Molly Mutt dog duvets ($20-$45).
My wife and I had suffered from sleep problems for years, as soon as we got together it was clear we liked to have very different duvets.
Getting into bed at the end of the day and facing thin cotton covers, limp duvets and faded throws will simply lower your spirits during this somewhat stressful season.