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a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider

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A New Zealand study has found no risks attached to using a duvet for babies, contradicting a report from the UK and Australia - but New Zealand duvets are large enough to be tucked in, unlike UK duvets, so more research is needed.
The convenience of duvets as well as their style appeal ensured their instant and enduring popularity.
5 tog rated duvets are superbly snug on cold nights and yet, unlike duvets with man made fillings, are light and cool in the summer.
The Army are trying out duvets in some barracks with a view to replacing blankets at all bases with them.
Another casual look is achieved with brushed twill duvets and sheets in solids and stripes, in standard colors and fashion-forward hues such as khaki and slate.
5 tog duvet moulds to your body shape to keep you warm on cold nights, yet will stay light and cool in summer.
USUALLY you can't put a price on a good night's sleep but with these luxurious duck feather and down duvets from less than pounds 30, this time you can.
Duvets are very popular but I can't see a housewife spending on a device that simply helps her put a duvet cover on.
DUVETS are rated in togs and are made from natural and synthetic materials.
5 tog duvets have been meticulously constructed for a blissful night's sleep.
We spotted a Royal Sateen duvet for $100 (more than $250 retail), and silk duvets in either queen or king sizes were $19.
The fresh, white duvets alone were fashioned from approximately 3.
5 tog rating of both duvets makes for the perfect combination against the chilliest of winter nights.
Their His and Hers Partner duvets are available with a range of fillings, such as white duck feather and down plus anti-allergy duvets, priced from PS89.