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Synonyms for dutiful

Synonyms for dutiful

marked by courteous submission or respect

Synonyms for dutiful

willingly obedient out of a sense of duty and respect


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The squires, who had found it a matter of danger and difficulty to attend their masters during the engagement, now thronged into the lists to pay their dutiful attendance to the wounded, who were removed with the utmost care and attention to the neighbouring pavilions, or to the quarters prepared for them in the adjoining village.
My son, the same kind, dutiful, and obliging creature as ever, treated me now at his own house, paid me my hundred pounds, and sent me home again loaded with presents.
With those submissive words, the dutiful wife preceded him down a few stairs to a little basement front room, half kitchen, half parlour, where a girl of about nineteen, with an exceedingly pretty figure and face, but with an impatient and petulant expression both in her face and in her shoulders (which in her sex and at her age are very expressive of discontent), sat playing draughts with a younger girl, who was the youngest of the House of Wilfer.
Hannah had `dished up' and astonishing breakfast for the traveler, finding it impossible to vent her excitement in any other way, and Meg and Jo fed their mother like dutiful young storks, while they listened to her whispered account of Father's state, Mr.
I'm come to fetch you home; and I hope you'll be a dutiful daughter and not encourage my son to further disobedience.
In a condolence message, Rafique Rajwana said Mohammad Azam was a dutiful staffer and served his officers at the Governor's House well.
He also paid tributes to the services of the late general for the armed forces of Pakistan and said that he was a brave and dutiful officer who always performed his duties very diligently.
The anthology contains a comprehensive selection of poets, whose work is here translated into English to serve as a teaching and study aid and a dutiful representation of Indonesia's beloved genre.
Appreciating the performance of warden, the CTO said such hardworking and dutiful officials earned a good name for the department.
to which Prophet (PBUH) replied, "To be good and dutiful to your parents-".
As you've been gone for so long The years have flown quickly by As tears stream from my eye Our love was supposed to last forever Now we are no longer together Alone the hurt and pain Makes me feel as I am going insane If I had my time with you again Things between us would not be the same Our love did not last Now it's in a distant past You never knew me at all But I was always at your beck and call My love for you was so deep Now it's been put to sleep You were and always will be so dutiful Witty, intelligent, funny and beautiful I will never forget you If only you knew by Christopher Leggett, Toxteth
Extraction is a dutiful servant to the recently minted formula for young adult dystopias.
and tipped to up support House of have become as dutiful Just a shortish international royal progress behind them and William and Kate, tipped to drum up Queen support for the House of Windsor, have become as boringly dutiful as the Queen, known for her "And where have YOU come from today?
Dutiful Son can make it a hat-tRick FOR JeRemy Noseda in the 6 Places At AintRee At BETVICTOR.
Dutiful Son can make it a hattrick for Jeremy Noseda in the 6 Places At Aintree At BetVictor.