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Synonyms for duteous

marked by courteous submission or respect

Synonyms for duteous

willingly obedient out of a sense of duty and respect


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With mine own tears I wash away my balm; With mine own hands I give away my crown; With mine own tongue deny my sacred state; With mine own breath release all duteous oaths.
The book's duteous archive of the back and forth between member states in the lead-up to and during the WCIT negotiations is a helpful reminder of how technocratic decision making can also be politically contentious.
Kind patrons of our sports (you that can judge, And with discerning thoughts measure the pace Of our strange muse in this her maze of humour, You whose true notions do confine the forms And nature of sweet poesy), to you I tender solemn and most duteous thanks For your stretched patience and attentive grace.
As in all the other procreation sonnets, therefore, we are invited to identify the young man with his issue, for this will make the young once again a "new-appearing sight" whose reappearance reconverts "the eyes ('fore duteous) [that] now converted are."...
For the Spanish colonialists, improvisation could only bring the Lucayans into open enslavement; for Iago, it is the key to a mastery whose emblem is the "duteous and knee-crooking knave" who dotes "on his own obsequious bondage" (1.1.45-46), a mastery invisible to the servant, a mastery, that is, whose character is essentially ideological.
In 'The duteous day now closeth', a translation of a hymn by Paul Gerhardt, the beauty of the night sky is so wonderful that man 'forgets his selfish being For joy of beauty not his own': His care he drowneth yonder, Lost in th' abyss of wonder; To heav'n his soul doth steal: This life he disesteemeth, The day it is that dreameth, That doth from truth his vision seal.
Given Anne's role as a "[p]liant and duteous" wife (I.41), who deems it her "duty to receive [her husband's] friend" (IV.82), it would be inappropriate for her to express antipathy towards Wendoll.