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Synonyms for dustpan

the quantity that a dustpan will hold


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a short-handled receptacle into which dust can be swept

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Finding the right manufacturer for their collapsible dustpan also took time.
spotted these new dustpans and brought Caldwell on board.
Today, Rubbermaid still manufactures plastic dustpans and other innovative cleaning products, as well as home storage, food storage and hobby storage.
The dustpan may not be the housewares industry's most glamorous product, but the ubiquitous cleaning product is essentially responsible for the creation and success of the home products powerhouse that is today known as Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
Try that in the back garden and you get a very confused dog who is suddenly very wary of dustpans.
MY wife Maria and I take our dog for a walk every day, but not usually wearing rubber gloves and carrying a dustpan.
The products in question include burner covers, canister sets, dustpans, hotpads and counter mats.
It has a huge capacity, holding two or three times as much stuff as kitchen dustpans.
Like the can opener or the wheel, the dustpan seemed like a product that couldn't be improved upon.
a manufacturer of decorated metal dustpans, has purchased the Ballonoff Home Products Division from United States Can Co.
Can's dustpan division at the beginning of the year, and this newest addition rounds out its product assortment -- Ballonoff Home Products Division includes decorative stove burner covers, metal canister sets and countertop protectors.
The persimmon-tannin-coated Harimi Dustpan by Sojirushi, sold by Nalata Nalata ($22-27, shop.
A shiny steel dustpan with a handle of sustainably harvested German beechwood.
The one regular dustpan I've bought in my life was for my first apartment.