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as fine and powdery as dust

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Brazilian researchers have developed superparamagnetic nanoparticles that, coated with polymers, can be spread over a wide area in dustlike form; these modified nanomagnets would readily bind to the pollutant and could then be recovered with a magnetic pump.
They provide dust-tight protection against combustible and explosive dustlike materials in locations where such dust may be present in dangerous concentrations.
The dustlike grains unleashed by trees, flowers, plants and grass agitate the sinuses of allergy sufferers, leaving them coughing and sneezing through the work or school day.
When the face does finally crack, almost always along a flat cleavage plane, he taps out the exposed conglomerate rock and cleans the dustlike pumice cavities.
These dustlike particles are not only carcinogenic, they are genetically destructive.
Thousands of dustlike seeds are produced each season when extensive flowering occurs.
Veering outward from these foam laps and sloshings, I am propelled into a rain of dustlike particles, a phytoplankton plankton bloom illuminated by clongated triangles of sunlight filtering down from the surface above.
By the way, if you own a large telescope, see if you can spot the dark patch with two dustlike lanes near the cluster's center, which Webb first reported.
Instead of long curly swarf, you get concertina, dustlike particles.
Beginning as dustlike spores released from the gills or pores beneath the cap, mushrooms spend much of their life as myelium--a network of moist fibers that use powerful enzymes to penetrate wood or other organic matter.
Much of it appears to be attached to dustlike particles, which may foster the metal's fallout.
The new deposit appears to be fine-grained debris produced when the volcano blew molten rock called magma into fine, dustlike particles.
For more than a decade, epidemiologist have been homing in on the health risks posed by dustlike, inhalable polutants known as airborne particulates can aggravate existing respiratory disease or heart problem--and perhaps even cause cancer--scientist have been at a loss to explain how.
When inhaled, these dustlike particulates can aggravate respiratory and heart diseases.