dusting powder

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a fine powder for spreading on the body (as after bathing)

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Two runners up will get their hands on a goodie bag worth pounds 77, which will include the latest Elizabeth Arden fragrance, Pretty, and a dusting powder from the same range.
Floris China Rose Silken Dusting Powder, EUR36 (0044 845 www.
The powder was also used as a soothing body dusting powder.
As well as soaps, body balm, hand cream, dusting powder, and other goodies, the RHS Floral Collection has a hand conditioner, hand wash and shower gel.
com It contains apricot bay oil, buttermilk lotion, soap, shampoo bar, nappy ointment, dusting powder and skin cream.
The fragrance is now available in the form of a "hospitality candle" and a dusting powder, both packaged in elegant containers worthy of display on the vanity of any true Southern belle.
Love body oil spray, pounds 20, dusting powder, pounds 12, Aveda (020 7410 1600)
The bath and body collection comes under the title Les Coquetteries and includes bath oil, body cream and dusting powder.
Early field tests with FI-610 showed that when the spores were used like a dusting powder and blown directly into the nursery region of termite mounds, colonies of more than one million individuals could be killed in less than three months.
A new hazard of cornstarch, an absorbable dusting powder.
s Calgon body mists to the Delhar Group's Spring Fresh puff with perfumed dusting powder.
Absorbable Dusting Powder USP used in gloves is cornstarch containing 20 g/kg magnesium oxide [6].
For example, there are chemicals in fingerprint ink and dusting powder that can be carcinogenic, Johnson notes.
And dusting powder," he added, which he happened to have convenient to the cash register.