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the state of being covered with dust

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Although the dampness, mustiness, and dustiness of the fictional spaces are established in part through visual cues, their impact on the other senses fills out that space.
Buoys, away from the dustiness of land, come through quite well.
Research interests: environmental protection, gravel road dustiness, environmental pollution with road maintenance salt, antipollution of road environment, vegetation preservation.
When we first met in 2009, Milauni was motivated to photograph the dirt and dustiness of Fort McMurray.
The dustiness of the southern Texas town and the cramped modesty of Ashley's trailer serve as a sharp contrast to the foster home that sits nestled in a suggestively alive, sustaining pocket of green.
They are mainly technical salts (chlorides) reducing dustiness and increasing traffic safety.
Investigation of seaport air dustiness and dust spread, Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management 15(1): 15-23.
Preservative-free lattices can be produced by drying the latex but that leads to an undesirable dustiness.
Satellite images can highlight relevant land use change along with increased surface reflectivity, temperature, dryness, and dustiness.
However, based on the nature of their work, the absence of occupational hygiene measures, and our observations of the dustiness of the workplaces, most children were probably exposed above occupational limits.
Its writing is heavy, gleaming and selfserious, like a luxury good, and lacks the spring and verve from which historical fiction, already prone to dustiness, can especially benefit.
Albedo markings in that area began to return to visibility on Nov 2 and later, but Margaritifer remained faint, and we can see dustiness in Noachis-Argyre as well as the fading of the SPC--due to fallout - in the last days of October.
Dr Joyner said: "Some of the most significant and important works being displayed are the small paintings that Kyffin made in gouache, which he found truly demonstrated the heat and the dustiness of the terrain.
Everywhere beyond the room, beyond the dustiness and the clay models draped in plastic sheeting, the stones stacked in the corner and the tools laid out on the long green bench, beyond this place, everything was formless and impossible to know.