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a truck for collecting domestic refuse

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But his brush with Lady Luck ended when his dustcart was nicked.
The one who got the most cheers (with the exception of Princess Elizabeth of course), was the man with a dustcart cleaning up after the horses and bowing from side to side.
Now after her complaints fell on deaf ears she has taken matters into her own hands, and set up a business after buying an pounds 8,000 dustcart.
A COCKATIEL was seconds away from being squashed to death in a dustcart yesterday when a workman ripped open a bin liner and found a birdcage inside.
When dustcart crew numbers were cut from five to three following the introduction of wheelie bins, the driver and team leader roles were retained, alongside a lower-ranked worker.
Now, 113 of the dustcart supervisor roles are being scrapped and staff offered alternative jobs of the same grade in other parts of the council.
TWO binmen rescued a pair of kittens from being crushed to death in their dustcart after hearing their pitiful cries in the nick of time.
A post-mortem is being held to discover how the baby died but it is understood he suffered injuries after death as a result of being put in the back of a dustcart.
The various vehicles, including a wooden bicycle, early motorcycles and cars, industrial vehicles including a fire engine and dustcart, the Railton Special and the Spitfire and other aircraft cockpits were a great interest to me.
Within my mind I have a distant memory of taking part in the Lord Mayor's Parade on the back of a dustcart along with my siblings and cousins in the 1930s.
A BABY rabbit was rescued from a rubbish bin seconds before being hurled into a dustcart crusher.
There's been some unsavoury, smelly stuff lurking around and star performer Joe Brolly (right) is eager to bundle it off in the back of a dustcart.
It comes after fire crews issued a plea drivers to stop blocking their stations - including binmen buying chips in their dustcart.
Steve, a gardener, says: "People think I have a strange hobby but nothing comes close to the thrill of riding in a dustcart.