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29 the most likely date for one of the biggest dust-ups the country has seen.
This probably isn't the best time for a union to go up against management, but so often these dust-ups come more from local personalities than from HQ policy (whether that HQ is a company or a union).
One way to avoid potential dust-ups is to have clear rate structures and, he added, the Post (as does the Times) imposes a set of editorial standards that an ad has to meet.
The Frenchman is an intriguing character who looks as if he'll pack a punch up front judging by his pre-season dust-ups.
While it's true that no account of the Khyber Pass could attempt to leave out its strategic military importance, Paddy Docherty, author of this fine history of the region, does set his sights wider than simply itemising the military dust-ups associated with this blood-soaked road.
Meanwhile, seeking to end future dust-ups, Los Angeles City Councilmen Tony Cardenas and Richard Alarcon introduced a resolution Tuesday that would call for the creation of an entirely new local agricultural district.
In a fractious contest which contained several handbagging dust-ups, new assistant coach Tim Stimpson, the former Leeds, Leicester and England full-back, made his Nuns debut.
Dust-ups with state regulators, such as the investigation by the State of California into the compensation of the chief executive at the Getty, bolsters Grassley's case for additional oversight.
But the hosts began to fight in every sense and a series of dust-ups seemed to give them the passion they needed to mount their comeback.
Harris describes a litany of botched coups, bungled negotiations, and bureaucratic dust-ups that led inexorably to an invasion by new president George Bush, eager to prove his dedication to the War on Drugs.
And he believes his grounding in the English top flight will prepare him well for the challenges he will face in the provincial dust-ups.
There are a lot of really good fighters in this division in the region and that makes for some good, local dust-ups.
With the advent of social media, hip-hop feuds have slowly gone from the streets to the web, as evident by dust-ups involving Azealia Banks and Kanye West.
Their record at today's venue is decent too with the Blues winning four of the last seven dust-ups at this ground and they have a great chance of dotting up again this morning.
This is small potatoes as election dust-ups go, but we don't blame Mr.