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Synonyms for dust cover

a paper jacket for a book

a large piece of cloth used to cover furniture that is not in use for a long period

a removable plastic protective covering for a piece of equipment

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On the Arisaka, if you find a breakdown of parts nomenclature, you'll find the part Steve is talking about is, indeed, actually called a "dust cover. " Like the little trap door on the ejection port of an AR-15 also being called--you guessed it--a dust cover.
It is 30 pages thicker and has a different Tillandsia image on the black dust cover. The 1987 book has been out of print for a long time and consequently demand for the new book was great, especially because of its nice big pictures.
Fully guaranteed for three years, the Toyota EC21 is supplied with dust cover, comprehensive accessories, instruction book and a FREE pack of reels of cottons and bobbins.
The Toyota EC21 is fully guaranteed for three years and supplied with dust cover, comprehensive accessories and instruction book.
SPRINGFIELD - As the crane removed the steel shipping container's top, a red plastic dust cover bloomed from inside, rising with the lid before breaking away and floating to the ground.
The author connects parrots with race, and the book's dust cover suggests an affinity between the bird and a dark-skinned servant boy standing opposite the master, an aristocratic male.
Earrings that were a Christmas present from my parents that disappeared from the top of the TV, one appearing by the fireplace a week later (it was not there before) and the other appearing when I went to look in the garage for a dust cover which was stored in an old filing cabinet, the drawer got stuck and, while I was trying to free it, I found the other earring tucked right at the back.
He has a very racy style and the dust cover certainly gives the impression that he is having fun with the book.
The AD10FCH for fixed ceiling tile applications includes a 10-inch bronze (smoked) dome with a 2' x 2' white tile liner, bracket, and dust cover and accommodates a single fixed camera.
What makes the "Kraft Master System" unique, said a company spokesman, is that the system is coordinated to precisely expose an 1/8-inch reveal around the perimeter of the picture frame dust cover. The "Kraft Master System" is designed to eliminate messy gum from up, over and under trim in the dust cover applications.
According to Cyro, the optical qualities of GMS sheet make it ideal for use in aviation windshields, wing tip lenses, instrument panels, and dust cover applications, as well as other aerospace transparent enclosures in monolithic or laminated form.
Proton urged owners of 1995 Perdanas to have their cars inspected to see whether there are any problems with the dust cover that forms part of the suspension system.
The dust cover classifies the work as a combination of letter-writing and diary.
On Daufuskie, the children wear heeled shoes down unpaved roads, gray layers of dust cover their jerri-curls this was once their world their forefathers built boats harvested shrimp cracked crabs chopped sea-island cotton through the late '50s
The unique, space-efficient, vertical storage configuration with custom draw-string dust cover enables you to easily store your gear in any unobtrusive location you wish while maintaining access to 95 percent of the kit's contents at a moment's notice.