dust cloud

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a cloud of dust suspended in the air

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If I star-hop to the correct location for a Barnard dark nebula, and note a marked decrease in the density of faint stars precisely where the atlas says that I should, then I consider that I have detected something that obscures the more distant stars--that is, a dust cloud absorbing the light of stars located behind it.
The light is bouncing off a giant dust cloud that extends 300 to 1,600 light-years from the supernova and is being reflected toward Earth.
Forecasters said the dust cloud would spread to northern parts of England by Friday, with a risk of "high" air pollution in some areas.
An MoD spokesman said the main cause was the dust cloud that caused "spatial disorientation".
Dozens of people were treated at hospitals islandwide on Tuesday, and flights to Larnaca had to be diverted to Paphos as the dust cloud covering the island entered its second daywith pollution reaching record levels, authorities said.
Dust clouds on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn have previously been identified, but this is the first time a dust cloud has been confirmed on the moon.
The video shows the eight-storey block of flats being demolished and four workers running as a dust cloud starts billowing towards them.
The fuel is a dust cloud at a concentration at or above the minimum explosive concentration (MEC).
Our solar system, too, has a dust cloud, which consists mostly of debris left behind by clashing asteroids and exhaust spewing out of comets when they pass by the Sun.
Qantas also cancelled 22 flights to and from New Zealand and the Australian island-state of Tasmania, as well as eight flights within New Zealand's South Island, as the dust cloud from Chile's erupting Cordon Caulle volcano spread across the atmosphere.
The breakthrough came after six days of travel chaos across Europe caused by the dust cloud from an Icelandic volcano.
time because of the persistence of a dust cloud due to the Icelandic volcano
ANGRY residents yesterday blasted a cement plant after the factory belched a dust cloud over their homes.
This test determines whether a powder or dust, when in the form of a dust cloud, will explode when exposed to an ignition source.