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Synonyms for dusky

Synonyms for dusky

deficient in brightness

somewhat black


of a complexion tending toward brown or black

Synonyms for dusky

lighted by or as if by twilight

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naturally having skin of a dark color

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A spokesman of the agriculture department said Wednesday that dusky cotton bug, which reproduces five times a year, not only reduces cotton yield but also badly damages its quality.
Result showed varietal differences for adult populations of dusky bugs, jassid, white flies and thrips were significant (P<0.5) but non-significant differences for mites.
"An adult dusky pademelon's pouch has a powerful muscle to prevent the joey from falling out, but it won't be too long until it's ready to fully emerge and start hopping around on its own two feet.
[section] 4241, which can be traced to a 1949 statute, and in Dusky v.
Crafted from a luxurious blend of soft mohair, warm wool and nylon, the Dusky Pink Mohair Throw is as stylish as it is practical and is the perfect way to sit back, relax and enjoy the festive period.
Its initially green flower heads turn a dusky then deep pink as autumn progresses - a real boon when most other perennials are packing up for the winter.
UK house duo Dusky are embarking on their first 17 Steps label tour, taking in 17 venues across 17 cities in the UK and beyond, including next Friday's headline show at The Telegraph Building in the city centre..
As forensic psychiatrists, one of our main roles is to apply the Dusky standard to assess competency.
My complexion is dusky and you know what, now I'm comfortable in my own skin.
Studies were conducted to see the seasonal population incidence of Dusky Cotton Bug (DCB), Oxycarenus hyalinipennis Costa at the Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology (NIAB), Faisalabad during June, 2015.
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IANS Women with a dusky skin tone may often be in a fix over the shade of lip colour to choose.
Dusky Marine certainly established itself as a dependable South Florida manufacturer of rugged fishing boats in the 50 years since opening its doors in Dania Beach.
The 13-2 chance had touched 1.15 and the mishap left Mercers Court and Dusky Lark to fight it out.