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Synonyms for duress

Synonyms for duress

power used to overcome resistance

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compulsory force or threat

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Nothing in the FAA prevents courts from invalidating forced-arbitration clauses on the basis of "generally applicable contract defenses, such as fraud, duress, or unconscionability.
But even if parties are not able to litigate the duress argument outlined below, they can make still the same argument to their arbitrator.
When a panic button is activated, the integrated solution will instantly notify security personnel by providing a live video stream based on the location of the duress alert.
Working with Milestone Systems, an industry leader in video management software, supports our mission to advance the adoption and value of mobile duress systems across the security ecosystem," said Michael Slack, vice president of technology and business development at Inovonics.
Article 31 of the Rome Statute makes the unacceptable mistake of combining the elements of duress and necessity into one theory of excuse that includes a proportionality requirement.
Part III proposes a revised definition of duress for the ICC to adopt that would rest on principles of moral culpability and better comport with historical understandings of what an excuse defense is under criminal law.
The affirmative criminal defense of duress, also known as compulsion or coercion, has a lengthy common-law history rooted in the moralistic "choice of evils" rationale: duress is acceptable as a defense when the resulting harm is less than the threatened harm.
Anglo-American common law has consistently rejected the acceptance of duress as a valid murder defense.
The hospital has already relocated a couple of the fixed duress buttons and added new ones.
We also recommended that the door between reception and triage be kept closed so that if someone does run amok in the triage area, reception--which has a view into the triage room--will have more time to hit the duress alarm before anyone breaks through the door.
In both duress and the special reason argument one key factor will be the distance that you actually drove.
The contractual and criminal bases for duress in Canada, the United States, and the Commonwealth (1) are currently in disrepair on certain issues after a long and sordid history.
Mr O'Gorman told the jury: "What you have to determine is whether the prosecution can prove that he was involved in the offence he has admitted without duress.
The Ekahau RTLS agent developed by GAB, works as a client for Ekahau's Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and implements the primary functionality as well as the duress alarm features of the Ekahau T301-BD Wi-Fi tag.
Much has been written on the affirmative defenses of duress and necessity, (l) Necessity typically involves a defendant arguing that he committed the crime in order to avoid a greater harm created by natural forces.