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Synonyms for duress

Synonyms for duress

power used to overcome resistance

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compulsory force or threat

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We lodged objections against the case because the defendants confessed under duress," she said.
Further, while inconsistencies permeate cases involving all types of defences, doctrinal uncertainty surrounding the defence of duress requires focused consideration.
This Part also notes current confusion regarding defences amongst decision makers in the refugee system and discusses the implications for the defence of duress in particular.
Did she, by continuing to audition, presumably entering the makeup room, rehearsing out the back, getting her costume on, willingly walking onto the stage lose her right (under UAE law) to claim the duress as she then acted in accordance with the terms of the release?
Article 184 of the UAE Civil Code states that: "If the duress is exercised otherwise than by one of the contracting parties, the person coerced into contracting may not claim that the contract is ineffective unless he proves that the other contracting party knew or is presumed to have known of the duress".
BEIRUT: The head of the Orthodox Church Thursday distanced himself from controversial comments by recently freed nuns held by Nusra Front militants, saying the remarks were made under duress.
The question of whether and to what extent duress should be recognized as a defense by the ICC is of immense importance because in situations like those faced by Erdemovic, it could mean the difference between facing decades behind bars and being excused from punishment under a theory of duress.
Duress has long been established at common law as a valid affirmative defense to criminal conduct and has been recognized by numerous states and the federal government.
The Peepeekisis Cree Nation is refusing to re-sign its Contribution Funding Agreement with the federal government while Onion Lake Cree Nation has signed the CFA under duress.
The Australasian Health Facility Guidelines also incorporate security requirements such as duress alarms and access control into the design guidelines for Maternity, Ambulatory Care and Community Health Centres.
THE Tom Taaffe-trained Defence Of Duress is the only Irish challenge at Goodwood today.
There are large legal hurdles to overcome when arguing duress as a defence to drink driving.
The animal lover claimed she had acted under duress after inmates at Durham had threatened to harm her horses and then members of her family.
The contractual and criminal bases for duress in Canada, the United States, and the Commonwealth are currently in disrepair.