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Synonyms for duple

composed of two parts or things

Synonyms for duple

consisting of or involving two parts or components usually in pairs


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Undoubtedly on purpose, the final two lines are so metrically ambiguous that they each can be read in five different ways--as a duple or a triple pentameter, as a duple or triple hexameter, or as an accentual tetrameter.
The mention of the hornpipe today invariably brings associations of sailors dancing singly or in pairs, facing one another, and of fast music in duple metre .
The tunes are in triple meter, or 6/8 duple meter with hemiola that alternates between duple and triple meter.
The oldest vehicle will be a Morris Commercial T-Type country bus from 1926, followed by a 1928 Morris Cowley van, a 1930 fire appliance and a 1931 Bedford Duple bus.
This is to say that the use of trisyllabic substitution in duple metrical contexts becomes the technical hallmark of the age.
Rhythmically, it is in duple meter; and is mainly comprised of quarterand -notes, with a few sixteenth- and dotted-quarter-notes.
Which fast dance in duple time was created by the Russian Cossacks?
i-mode, FOMA, PASSAGE DUPLE and WORLD WING are trademarks or registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
depute et ministre Jacques Brassard, president de l'Amicale des anciens parlementaires du Quebec, Nicole Duple, professeure titulaire a la Faculte de droit de l'Universite Laval, et Denis Hardy, ancien depute et deuxieme vice-president de la Federation des societes d'histoire du Quebec.
The three guest speakers for this occasion were former Member and Minister Jacques Brassard, President of the Amicale des anciens parlementaires du Quebec, Nicole Duple, Professor at Laval University's Faculty of Law, and Denis Hardy, former Member and Second Vice-President of the Federation des societes d'histoire du Quebec.
Many of these wartime buses soldiered on until the 1950s and a number were rebodied with the Duple Vista coach body.
Mashups are possible due to formulaic features of pop/rock music: a relatively small chord vocabulary, stock chord progressions, generally slow harmonic changes, energetic riffs or ostinati that nevertheless essentially occur over a single chord, the near-ubiquity of duple or quadruple meter, limited vocal ranges, and melodies which rely on only a few notes.
The effect of the number of syllables constituting a word upon the duration of syllable nuclei was checked by comparing vowel durations in the duple foot of disyllabic and trisyllabic words.
Students then will review duple, triple, and quadruple meter
Slow songs may have either a heavily syncopated compound duple or simple duple vocal metre.