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Lastly, Part V explains why money damages are inadequate for making identity-harmed consumers whole and offers examples of reparatory remedies that would be far more effective for undoing the harm-in-the-world caused by virtuous dupery and for restoring consumers' values-integrity.
Synonyms like deceiving, trickery, deception, craftiness, crookedness, cunning, dishonesty dissembling, dissimulation, double dealing dupery duplicity, fakery, foxiness fraud, guile wiliness all seems to fit Thein Sein's pseudo-civilian government.
According to a publication of the New York Post, SEC was examining the German Bank in relation to dupery concerning collateralised debt obligations (CDO).
Further, the court said it was not substantiated that the accused had committed dupery.
They were duped by the French and, in suffering the consequences of their dupery, they were "unduped," and (rather more perhaps in reality than Lacan may have meant) forced to wander--to live, homeless in their new home, unable in fact and in psyche to return home.
Reaffirming Morocco's adherence to democracy, he argued that no country in the world would accept that democratic norms and human rights be manipulated by "a handful of outlaws who are conspiring with the enemy against its sovereignty, unity and national interests." The king lashed out at Morocco's critics, notably Algeria and the Polisario Front, which he said were not qualified to comment on human rights that "they themselves abuse and violate." He accused them of resorting to "ruse and dupery" as well as "cheap manipulation" in order to draw internal and external sympathy.
Here is our author's dissection of this dynamic: We are dupes, but to recall the atrocious remark of Collot d'Herbois [the Revolutionary tribunal prosecutor], when implored in favor of the little marquess of Levis, age seventeen: "There are no innocents among the aristocrats," I affirm that there are no innocents among the dupes, that you could not find dupes who were totally innocent of the dupery of which they are at once, almost always, dupe and accomplice, that there is a certain principle of dupery which is common to the deceiver and deceived; in short that anyone who is deceived has within himself what it takes to become a deceiver in turn.
This is the quintessence of the new Russian mentality rooted in disillusionment with the West and its Russian protagonists who had convinced the people to trade the socialist welfare for fifteen years of inequality, mendacity, dupery, plunder and humiliation.
He concluded, "The game playing by a few base & cunning leaders in Massachusetts, however degrading to the state, is a compleat [sic] dupery of the English." "If the question of separation, with which they are tantalising the English were ever to be proposed to the people of that state not one tenth even of the federalists would countenance it.
Even Nucingen, the acknowledged king of financial dupery, takes pleasure in spending unheard of sums to obtain Esther's favors, in being duped by her.