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Synonyms for duo

Synonyms for duo

two persons united, as by marriage

two items of the same kind together

Synonyms for duo

two performers or singers who perform together

a pair who associate with one another

a musical composition for two performers

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Popular Duo: Individual Sunlight and Traditional Sunrise are yellow and beige concepts that will invite a smile.
The South Racing Can-Am Team duo of Fedor Vorobyev and Kirill Shubin won the T3 category in a time 6hr9min11sec.
Participating in duo piano gives me an outlet to share the power of music with another passionate heart--someone who I can call a friend inside and out.
Incorporating Duo's capabilities into OPAQ empowers our partners to deliver enhanced access control best practices, said Ken Ammon, Chief Strategy Officer for OPAQ Networks.
To project Pakistans soft image, we launched a book, titled: Colours of Pakistan.The duo has been making music together for over 20 years.
Part of this planning process centers on the experience DUO planners bring to the table--they've done this before, they can worry about the million little details that you don't want to think about, and they have access to a network of trusted services they know will work at any event.
AMD has announced a new Radeon Pro Duo this week, and despite wearing the same name, it's a very different GPU under the hood.
"Duo is our answer to re-imagine the shower experience."
If you're too busy or it's overwhelming to keep track, services like Duo can help healthcare organizations protect themselves from the risk of ransomware in a single step.
With the coming of this slow-down month comes a performance by the DJ duo Sigma at Makronissos Beach Club in Ayia Napa.
In the Hamburg Major, the American duo Nick Lucena and Phil Dalhausser won the gold medal by earning 800 points.
Duo Security has expanded into data centers in Frankfort, Germany and Dublin, Ireland to serve customers in European companies mitigate risk in advance of the GeneralData Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to go into effect in 2018, the company said.
The Virtuoso Horn Duo (Kerry Turner and Kristina Mascher-Turner) were featured artists, along with pianist Lauretta Bloomer, at the 40th anniversary celebration in February of the Association Frangaise du Cor in Aulnaysous-Bois, just outside Paris.
Available in 4 TB , 6 TB and 8 TB capacities, My Book Duo also comes with free software that creates secure local, cloud and system-level backups for complete data protection and delivers massive capacity and file transfer speeds not available on single-drive solutions, a statement said.
According to the company, Prestigio MultiPhones 8400 DUO and 8500 DUO combines the best hardware engineering of the brand and the most advanced Windows Phone 8.1 features.