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small common sandpiper that breeds in northern or Arctic regions and winters in southern United States or Mediterranean regions

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Key words: Dunlin, Calidris alpina, Alaska, Bering Sea, migration, staging, shorebird
The well spudded on 10 January 2012 and targeted, within the Dunlin Formation, sandstones of the Palaeocene Hermod Formation and the Jurassic Brent Group, excellent reservoirs were confirmed in both targets though no hydrocarbons were encountered the company said, adding it has gathered considerable new data which will be used to de-risk other prospects in this area where it owns several other licenses.
The open ground in the hillside is part of the Strath Duchally Site of Special Sci-and populations of dunlin, golden plover and greenshank.
Migratory Arctic species such as brent goose, dunlin, and turnstone are regular visitors to the UK's shores," she said.
The company stated that around 80 percent of the money will be spent on increasing production from Dunlin, an area of the North Sea containing four producing fields and newer discoveries, and bringing other assets into production.
The Alaska Dam Safety Program supervises the safety of dams in Alaska including tailings dams such as at the Fort Knox and Red Dog Mines and the proposed Dunlin and Pebble projects.
Accessories label Dunlin is opening a Williamsburg store at South 1st Street and Havemeyer.
It will not only create new habitat for birds like the grey and ringed plover, curlew and dunlin, but will also improve sea defences in the locality.
Bias noted one ``happy surprise'': The farmers' artificial wetlands are attracting many shore birds, including the dunlin long-billed dowitcher and the least sandpiper.
We previously described the existence of strong global population-genetic structure in a migratory shorebird, the dunlin (Calidris alpina), based on fast-evolving mtDNA control-region sequences (Wenink et al.
the programme requires contractors to conduct a series of tidal cycle monitoring focusing specifically on grey plover and dunlin use of the tidal break/corridor.
Last year's club president, Trevor Waller, produced a stunning mist river image of a Vietnamese boatman entitled Morning Commute which was captured on a recent visit to the Mekong Delta, while Rhod Llewellyn presented another of his popular bird images - Dunlin.
This means that we are currently getting fantastic views of birds like black tailed godwit and dunlin in full breeding plumage, a treat indeed
Fairfield announced plans to decommission their Dunlin Alpha platform, at a cost of around PS300million, after meeting staff on Friday to the shock of workers.
Katelyn Dunlin, five, paid tribute to father Christian in the emotional verse, calling him her "Daddy in the sky".