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Synonyms for dunk

to plunge briefly in or into a liquid

the act of swimming

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Synonyms for dunk

a basketball shot in which the basketball is propelled downward into the basket

immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate

make a dunk shot, in basketball

dip into a liquid while eating


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Power dunkers like to use their brute strength to dunk the ball with force.
Dunk says employers also need to realize that older workers are dealing with new responsibilities outside of the workplace that may add additional stress.
Dunk added: "He (Southgate) told me I was still in his plans, he told me to keep fighting and that I could be in the next one so just keep going.
Dunk was last off the pitch too, milking every moment and taunting Palace's fuming fans one final time before heading down the tunnel, sarcastically gesturing to them to crank up their abuse.
Well, it seemed to be no coincidence the Magic made a massive comeback shortly after the Bulls caught up in the glare of Denzel's dunk.
Dunk would only benefit from playing alongside the former Man United man and the pair could become a mainstay of Albion's backline for years to come.
But the court heard that at the time Mr Dunk, a retired HGV driver who had been discharged from the care of Huddersfield's Community Mental Health Team several months before, had been showing signs of improved wellbeing after struggling with depression for several years.
The Celtics looked like they would go down without much of a fight early, falling behind 33-24 in the second quarter when Brandan Wright had an alley-oop dunk from Devin Harris in a combination that's getting more common.
For his record breaker, he travelled seven metres and slam dunked a ball in a hoop 10 foot from the ground.
NEWCASTLE Eagles' Kadiri Richard was crowned dunk champion at the NIA in Birmingham ahead of the BBL Cup Final yesterday.
Tocchini, 44, who runs the Fusion Brasserie restaurant in Worcester, said: "The intention was to make something tasty that when you dunk it in your tea it won't fall apart.
THE ADIO DUNK TANK went off with chicks getting dunked in the murky water.
I was brought up to think that nice girls don't dunk, not in public anyway.
Nigel Dixon is a big guy with a monster dunk. During a game against Arkansas State last January, the 6'11", 320-pound center for the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers slammed the ball through the hoop.
When he sees a "Bozo" (the clown who sits in the booth above the water tank taunting passersby to dunk him) and recognizes the genius it takes to do that well, he wonders if he couldn't do it too.