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Synonyms for dunghill

a foul or degraded condition

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a heap of dung or refuse

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(47) Struck with a needle and buried in a dunghill, the Duchess's portrait could physically harm her body, but according to the Duchess, not quite as much as the sight of her deceased family.
Yet however deep the dunghill of the bad may be, flowers of hope and achievement in the shape of blue plaques flourish as evidence of the good that has--and can be--obtained.
There, Cranly says, "Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother's love is not" (Joyce 2003, 263).
Although he praises some books, Kalder has not rescued any masterpieces from the dunghill of history and, in presenting the great despots of the 20th century, he writes with more wit than wisdom about their politics and framing of ideas.
Fond, foolish, wanton, flibbergibs, tattlers, triflers, wavering, witless, without council, feeble, careless, rash, proud, dainty, tale-bearers, eavesdroppers, rumour-raisers, evil-tongued, worse-minded, and in every way doltified with the dregs of the devil's dunghill (Stretton 2005, 52).
The subject of procurement is the execution of works and related services and supplies that include the modernization of existing training stables for cows and heifers stelivov pens for operation (cows and other categories into a closed herd turnover) existing stanchion barns for dairy cows at the barn for fattening bulls existing dunghill for storing manure for min.
(30.) Stephen's friend Cranly, after a long pause in an intimate, almost confessional, discussion of what is owed to one's mother, says, "Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother's love is not.
* "Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world, a mother's love is not." 6James Joyce
20.10 (435m): Farkland Kylie, Dunghill Melody, Wheelwinfountain, Lemon Daniela, Glengiblinlizzie (M), Carryonwither (W).
Jefferson said later that the task of picking out the genuine doctrines of Christ from among the falsehoods was as easy as picking diamonds out of a dunghill. (27)
40) Not smacking thy lips as commonly do Hogs, nor gnawing of Bones as do Dunghill dogs (1687, A8v)
And also it shall be for the good of the tennant likewise, who by such buildings and in-closures shall receive many benefits: first, by the handsomenesse of his house, he shall take more comfort of his life, more safe dwelling, and a delight to keepe his said house neate and cleanely, which now being, as they commonly are, rather swyne-styes then houses, is the chiefest cause of his so beastly manner of life, and savage condition, lying and living together with his beast in one house, in one roome, in one bed, that is, cleane strawe, or rather a foul dunghill. (50) The 'beastly' home is no home at all; the Irish are simply addicted to a kind of homelessness.
"Given our valuable experiences, we come to the conclusion that the dossier of optimistim about the US should be tossed on the dunghill of history," General Naqdi said, addressing a ceremony in the Central province of Yazd.
(3) For instance, his declaration that Constable's storms were "great-coat weather and nothing more" (3:191), his assertion that Gustave Dore's paintings are "neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill" (27:630), or his dismissal of George Eliot's characters in The Mill on the Floss as "simply the sweepings out of a Pentonville omnibus" (34:377), demonstrate not only a lapse in judgment but the unproductive nature of negative criticism generally.