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Synonyms for dunghill

a foul or degraded condition

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a heap of dung or refuse

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In his principal source, "Del cok e de la gemme" from the Fables of Marie de France, the cock is presented in ascetic terms as a mean creature who, rather than wearing a crown and ascending a dais, instead "munta / Sur un femer e si grata; / Sulum nature se purchacot" (climbed a dungheap, scratched around / In nature's way, as he best could" (1-3).
After Juliane believes that she has gathered enough information to prove Marianne's murder and approaches the press, a journalist lectures his colleague that her findings are considered "snow of yesteryears" that belong, along with the political issues the terrorist's fought for, "to history's dungheap." The doubts in her profession and her disappointment at the public ignorance alienate Juliane from her environment even more.
That would be the ultimate psychological battle and the perfect way to consign aprogram that should have been buried years ago to the dungheap where it belongs.
But higher education has already been dragged through the dungheap this week, thanks to University Challenge-gate.
Their recoiling was met with his fury: at "You are an alchemist; make gold of that" (112), he reached his hand into the dungheap and smeared their faces with faeces, an outraged Yahoo tearing off the veneer of cultivated refinement.
Don Quixote writes to Sancho, "I will give special thanks to Heaven which raises up the poor from the dungheap." Psalms 113: 7.
Their authors have seen him as lofty philosopher or opportunist, as seer or dungheap of prejudices, as wide-eyed revolutionary or dark patron of fascism--as, in any event, a colossus in the world, a figure of immense power and authority, for good or ill.
He's been thrown on the scrapheap - or maybe that should be dungheap.
Merged into the newly renamed "Brady Campaign," nee Handgun Control Inc., the Million Mom March has laid off 30 out of 35 staff members and was on the verge of insolvency when the Brady Campaign rescued it from the financial dungheap.
'Chris Tarrant was terribly upset and would occasionally invite me back to play this character called Donnie Dungheap.'
THE DUKE (carefully): The world is a dungheap and we are maggots that crawl upon it.
`Joking with you,' exclaimed the King indignantly, `You son of the dungheap! You had better go back and obey my command and that quickly or by the holy face at Lucca I will have your eyes torn out.' The youth quite undismayed in a firm voice replied: `That I will certainly not do.
(71.) Or more graphically, "a sort of dungheap in which the larvae of other people's ideas renew themselves, before sending out copies of themselves in an informational diaspora." Id.
.] Moreover, life is a product of putrefecation, and it depends on both death and the dungheap.'[17] Specific religious imagery is actually pervasive throughout incidents that focus on the anus.