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Synonyms for dungeon

Synonyms for dungeon

the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress

a dark cell (usually underground) where prisoners can be confined

References in classic literature ?
Tell down thy ransom, I say, and rejoice that at such rate thou canst redeem thee from a dungeon, the secrets of which few have returned to tell.
uf, ``here it must be delivered weighed it must be weighed and told down on this very dungeon floor.
Unwilling to be found engaged in his hellish occupation, the savage Baron gave the slaves a signal to restore Isaac's garment, and, quitting the dungeon with his attendants, he left the Jew to thank God for his own deliverance, or to lament over his daughter's captivity, and probable fate, as his personal or parental feelings might prove strongest.
In the centre yawned the circular pit from whose jaws I had escaped; but it was the only one in the dungeon.
The plunge into this pit I had avoided by the merest of accidents, I knew that surprise, or entrapment into torment, formed an important portion of all the grotesquerie of these dungeon deaths.
Of the dungeons there had been strange things narrated -- fables I had always deemed them -- but yet strange, and too ghastly to repeat, save in a whisper.
It was hope -- the hope that triumphs on the rack -- that whispers to the death-condemned even in the dungeons of the Inquisition.
The priest appeared to cast his eyes around the dungeon from beneath his cowl.
you are cold; the night makes you blind, the dungeon envelops you; but perhaps you still have some light in the bottom of your soul, were it only your childish love for that empty man who played with your heart, while I bear the dungeon within me; within me there is winter, ice, despair; I have night in my soul.
But when he placed his foot upon the worn stone steps, along which so many unhappy wretches had passed, when he felt himself impregnated, as it were, with the atmosphere of those gloomy dungeons, moistened with tears, there could be but little doubt he was overcome by his feelings, for his head was bowed and his eyes became dim, as he followed Baisemeaux without a syllable.
He will send you off to one of the dungeons, I tell you; so take care.
How to enter To enter the Edinburgh Dungeon character competition, please send the drawing including a character name and short description to Edinburgh Now via email: news@edinburghnow.
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Voucher does not entitle entry to The Castle Dungeon at Warwick Castle, Fastrack entry or early ride times at Alton Towers Resort,THORPEPARKorPriorityaccessatSEALIFECentres/SanctuariesorPriorityAccess/Ent anceatMadame Tussauds and the Dungeons.
A GRISLY dungeon makeover is aiming to scare visitors to Warwick Castle out of their wits with gruesome torture chambers and decaying bodies.