dunce's cap

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a cone-shaped paper hat formerly placed on the head of slow or lazy pupils

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The dunce cap resembles the tall conical wizard's hat that was placed on the head of Jan Hus before he was burned at the stake.
Maybe more court cases should be handled this way: Order Fortune 500 executives to walk around with dunce caps, make mafia thugs do handstands, do whatever makes for more interesting courtroom decisions.
Lord bless 'em all, and the dunce caps they rode in on!
MEN against boys, ruthless assassins against bungling incompetents, the men in baggy green caps against the men in dunce caps.
We can only wait and see, and we hope for a future generation which does not have to be herded into rooms, and be made to wear dunce caps....
Misbehaving students were often whipped with leather straps or forced to wear "dunce caps."