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a cone-shaped paper hat formerly placed on the head of slow or lazy pupils

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But like the student with a dunce cap, Peirce was ostracized by academia, and died in poverty.
But he might as well have been a student, sitting in the corner of a classroom wearing a dunce cap, subjected to unkind words from his peers.
Perhaps McFadyen will surprise, and if she starts raising royal hell on The Hill she should be given a 24-carat gold medal for courage, if not a dunce cap for career smarts.
The individual who penned that howler has been ordered to the back of the news room, donning the requisite dunce cap, with five hundred lines to write.
WHEN they thought of class, Britney was outside waiting for the headmaster with a dunce cap on.
If you answered "location, location, location," put on the dunce cap and go sit in the corner.
The Dunce Cap icon--This warns viewers about stupid new gimmicks, like ABC's latest format, which forces Peter Jennings to sit on a twirling bar stool for a goodly portion of the broadcast so he looks like Jack Paar.
Applying their own imaginative skills to techniques and rituals of humiliation, medieval and early modern people devised such innovations as the pitture infamanti, the dunce cap, the stocks, the charivari, the yellow badge.
The name is shorthand for "No (one) Ever Really Dies," but it's the abbreviation that refuses to become an acronym: Pronounce it "nerd" and be prepared to wear the dunce cap.
A tip of the dunce cap goes to Brockton District Court Clerk Magistrate Kevin Creedon, who last week presided over a deal permitting R&B singer Bobby Brown to sidestep cocaine possession charges in return for mentoring the city's youth for a year.
From politicians and bankers to athletes and celebrities, you have to tune in to find out who's getting a halo and who's getting the dunce cap this week.
Sometimes wearing a dunce cap, Ulrich's fool doesn't stand a chance.
there's so much gameplay richness and black humor in here that we'd jam a dunce cap on anyone who passes it up.