dunce's cap

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a cone-shaped paper hat formerly placed on the head of slow or lazy pupils

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while the deputy leader was given A-plus for effort, poor councillor Stacey was handed the equivalent '' of the dunce's cap
So, just to clear that up, the East Stand (popular) to be the Sir Bob stand and the columnist to be in the Long Stand (in the corner) with the dunce's cap on.
ALAN CURBISHLEY could not have suffered greater humiliation had he walked home naked, apart from a dunce's cap.
FILIP SEBO has donned the dunce's cap at the Gers' school of goalscorers for far too long.
Eventually, he decided to sell his company, a decision seen as very foolish at the time; Curry remembers appearing on the cover of a well-known business magazine with a dunce's cap Photoshopped onto his head.
THERE'S no doubt about who has to wear the dunce's cap in training at St Helens this week.
My treatment was that I got to wear a dunce's cap and sit in the corner," Batshaw recalls.
It appears that the dunce's cap, which had to be logged, was not noted in the valley schools and the cane and short stick were only used when absolutely necessary.
First up, swapping mitre for dunce's cap, is the hapless Bishop of Bath and Wells, Peter Price, who told Synod that, while rioters and thieves were both deprived and morally wrong, they had a message for the law-abiding.
But Triesman should be sent out into the fields to do some real work as part of his "re-education", preferably wearing a dunce's cap after the style of Mao's Great Cultural Revolution.
I think it is the dunce's cap again for the Conservative candidate.
I suggest that the council puts the cones on to its head as a dunce's cap.
He wishes to learn about terrorism, no less, the pesky subject which has forced him to wear a Dunce's Cap so often in the past.
Bosses at a North-East college have been forced to put on the dunce's cap ( after telling students they can get to the campus by using a railway station which closed more than 40 years ago.
It's the Dunce's cap, I'm afraid, for young Master McConnell.