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having a dun color

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Around Sanaa, a sprawling, dun-coloured capital nestled among jagged mountains, the consequences are apparent, including water shortages, high transportation costs and soaring food prices.
Rejecting the dark, dun-coloured Dutch landscapes then considered fashionable--"the houses bulged with cows, old women peeling potatoes and windmills," Jackson scornfully wrote--the Group applied modernism's vivid colours and frank brushwork to defiantly Canadian subjects.
And no-one wants to wear anything but dun-coloured sweatshirts, jeans and weird boots that don't fit and will probably cause foot ailments later in life.
Dun-coloured and etched with tree-lined gullies, escarpments, gulfs, serpentine tidal rivers, sprinklings of eucalyptus, grassland, mud and salt-flats, it is more than one-and-a-half times the size of the UK, yet has a population of only 30,000.
But the mind naturally works on the significance of the dun-coloured suits and the uncluttered wooden floor on which the warring factions play out their animosities, to the tragic end of the young lovers whose union might have heralded peace.
As I travelled through the provinces of this vast, war-torn country, despite keeping to the relatively calm tongue of Kurdish territory that extends through the countryside almost to Baghdad, I was keenly aware that it is not a place to make a mistake in map reading.We drove for a couple of hours beside the Diyala river which rises in Iran's Zagros mountains and looks like a smaller version of the Nile, a streak of vivid green vegetation running through dun-coloured semi-desert.
"There was coal dust everywhere, the furniture in the homes was drab and the people wore dun-coloured clothing just so as to hide all the grime."
She spent much time with grandad, got her first pony when she was three, started her collection of rosettes on a dun-coloured pony called Pancake, who was 12.2 hands and regularly won 'best turned out' at gymkhanas and pony shows.
To the west, dun-coloured mountains stretch all the way to Albacete.
The valley is surrounded by huge triangular washes of dun-coloured scree fallen from the dry lower mountains.
Dun-coloured, with a large head, short neck, stocky and not much above 14.
Reminiscent of a dun-coloured Mars, the rocky landscape of the west rises up to form a wind-sculpted menagerie of twisted creatures and tortured forms.