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having a dun color

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The landscape is dun-colored and crisscrossed by trails.
ram's horn flutes, bone trumpets, skin drums like cacophony drowning angry santa ana's whistling persistence, marchers, feathered finery like narcotized, lurid, induced dreams spangle across arid, dun-colored stage.
He awakes in a city of "dun-colored buildings," "wood smoke and infants' cries," and the stench of carrion.
"Get in the truck!" he orders as his companions herd your family towards a large dun-colored truck in which a few of your neighbors are huddled.
Modern domestic horses are thought to have evolved from wild horses such as Przewalski's horse, a short, dun-colored equine with a stiff Mohawkstyle mane.
Why then, are these same tasters transported into ecstasy by this humble, dun-colored beer from Oregon?
Quite unprepossessing hills resembling dun-colored slag heaps send a frisson of joy down the spines of these otherwise serious-minded men who feel, as one long-term expat geologist muttered to me at a social gathering, "I really prefer rocks to people." Without any warning they are much given to stopping in front of fractured walls of rock with a sigh and saying incomprehensible things such as: "Will ye just look at that gossan," or spontaneously bark out "Chert" or "Goethite" surprising passers-by who get the impression that the odd looking guy in the floppy hat and big boots is afflicted with Tourette's syndrome.
After a day of putting one dusty boot in front of the other, chasing dun-colored spots encased in an endless mirage, you will reach a new level of respect for this fantastic game animal.
There are dun-colored mountain passes in Iran; bright, decaying streets in Pakistan where vendors sell giant flatbreads to boys who will soon be imprisoned as terrorists; and a boy seeking asylum in London using the truck in which he is being smuggled as a jungle gym.
Page 1 contains a single gray square with a black border, the size of a postage stamp, accompanying the text, "What you said you would do." On page a a slightly smaller square broken into quadrants of different hues sits over the text "Your reasons for not doing it: stated." Page 3 contains a larger, dun-colored square over the word "Unstated." It continues like this, using squares of varying sizes and quantities to represent time, people, events, and consequences affected by and resulting from this original, unnamed inaction.
military." However, in the moment I eased alongside that semi with the dun-colored background and eye-catching red and gold logo--would-be emblem of hard work, leisure, pure water, Clydesdales, and the working-class American Dream--the advertisement became a looking glass reflecting what had become grotesque in America, what had twisted in my own soul.
A Leadwing Coachman soon appeared wearing dun-colored wings.
Housed within the EMU's dun-colored walls of tenting are surgical facilities, a lab, X-ray equipment, a pharmacy, and more.
Fishing Creek spring Olive duns have medium olive-brown bodies with medium dun-colored tails and wings.
Dada's dun-colored short dresses on the women and doublets over tights for the men proved to be the most successful costume ensemble of the evening