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Synonyms for dumpiness

a short and stout physique

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At 50cm, it lacks the dumpiness that mar some parrot and double tulips, and looks stunning underplanted with old-fashioned red and white double daisies.
A more rigorous approach in preparation makes use of a null model to compare observed distributions of the individuals of each species in different forest types with the distributions expected if individuals were scattered among plots at random (though not entirely at random: a negative-binomial distribution helps model the local dumpiness of tropical tree distributions).
`Substantive' aesthetic judgements, such as judgements of elegance, daintiness, dumpiness, and delicacy, function to describe what beauty or ugliness depend on.(10) So if, on some occasion, a description does not function that way, then it is not a substantive aesthetic description, even if the words in question are ones which on other occasions are used in substantive aesthetic descriptions.
"Pictures like this prove that women in their 40s and 50s don't just disappear into dumpiness and obscurity."
Knowing how the cosmic dumpiness changed since then will help researchers get a sense of how, or if, dark energy changed as well.