dump truck

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truck whose contents can be emptied without handling

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Alongi asked if the new dump truck would be used by multiple city departments.
"We are extremely proud of the huge strides TRUX has made in 2018 and we look forward to continuing our nationwide expansion through 2019, helping contractors find, dispatch and manage a flexible fleet of dump trucks," said Jeff Gower, CEO of TRUX.
Initially, three of the vehicles were removed to the side of the road, but when the crane attempted to move the 22-wheeler and the dump truck responsible for the accident, fire erupted again.
They also alleged that the owner of the dump truck was paid by the second trucking company for loads hauled by the driver and that the dump truck was returning to a drop lot controlled by the second trucking company at the time of the crash.
Automatic traction control is not a feature that every manufacturer is bringing out, but Caterpillar first introducing it with the larger B-Series articulate dump truck models.
Its primary function was to load an all-wheel drive (AWD) articulated dump truck (Volvo A35C or Caterpillar D300D) modified with additional side walls and a rear gate extension to increase the normal carrying volume to 50 cubic yards or more (Fig.
"I've driven dump trucks for 30 years and never had a problem at all.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Congestion occurred on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet (FSM) and Bosporus bridges as a result of a protest by dump truck drivers against the closure of a dump site in ystanbul starting at around noon on Thursday.
Four lucky winners will each win a fabulous Mini Sandbox Tractor and Dump Truck Set (SRP PS8.99), Big Scoop Dump Truck (PS14.99) and Big Scoop Large Tractor (PS39.99).
A 1997 Mack dump truck driven by Dallas resident Ralph Manchester, 51, had stopped in the southbound lane.
Summary: A train crashed into a dump truck on Tuesday morning in Taiwan, killing the train driver and injuring 22 passengers.
Shn was at the civil engineering firm's training centre to get some lessons in how to drive a Volvo dump truck. But this isn't a radical career change for the acclaimed singer and presenter, she was there to film for a new series of Bro for S4C.
The showdown came after the Jaguar and dump truck both joined Virginia's Interstate 95 at the same time.
Honking the horn of a dump truck as UNCC students passed by waving and shouting support, one Soldier said that he is up for reenlistment and ready for another 6-year term.