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73), Lessing claims: 'Das Mitleiden [...] bessert unmittelbar; bessert, ohne dass wir selbst etwas dazu beitragen durften, bessert den Mann von Verstande sowohl als den Dummkopf' (Werke, iv, 175).
De Beer takes full advantage of the unnerving discontinuity of where her dual projections meet: Projected in a corner (punished dummkopf's position), the video creates bodies impossibly collapsing into themselves or reveals the cracks in the constructed mask of the self the face presents to the world.
The Obersturmfuhrer groans: Koch, what a Dummkopf! That he contracted syphilis--stupid, but understandable.
Arnold, du bist ein dummkopf! I think so not just because of his failure to grasp the shame and humiliation he was inflicting on those poor women, terrible though that no doubt was, but for making as his signature issue the need to raise education spending, which is the most foolish of political crowd-pleasers.
``Well then, dummkopf, I'm in love with your wife.''
"Dummkopf!" trumpeted the headline in The Economist.
The cyclist, who told the jury his grandparents were German, said he shouted 'dummkopf' (idiot) at the man and then continued home.
"Ich ben ein dummkopf mit scornen mein legs and admiren mein antlers.
Compare "misbegotten" with Einstein's view, as expressed in a letter to a friend in 1917: "Our entire much-praised technological progress, and civilization generally, could be compared to an axe in the hand of a pathological criminal." Old MR-ers will remember that its very first "Review of the Month" (May, 1949) was by Einstein, and entitled "Why Socialism?" It is still persuasive, and not only because of its concluding sentence: "I consider the foundation of this magazine to be an important public service." No dummkopf, he.
I say this because throughout the Coronation Chapter Mailer develops his central theme of the battle between the God and the Devil--one might argue the central theme not just of Castle but of his work in its entirety--here in the guise of the Maestro and the Dummkopf, in as thorough and graphic a manner as anywhere else in his fiction.
The Nazis had invaded France, and he was in his room when "suddenly the door flew open and a German Communist rushed in: 'We've taken Paris!'" Dummkopf. How terrifying when the lessons of dogma are learned too well.
Maestro and Dummkopf, Mailer's metaphor for God, are but two examples.
Dieter, the SS man in whose body Satan has housed his emissary, and Dummkopf, the weakened God, tend to get skipped over by uneasy politically correct critics, the way one averts one's gaze from a blemish on the face of a loved one.
"We see all that adding to the Dummkopf's [God's] Fatigue, to the Dummkopf's Indifference.