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Synonyms for dumfounded

as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise

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“I’ve known the squaws give very good counsel when the Indians had been dumfounded. If she says that I ought to lose, I agree to give it up.”
Daylight sat dumfounded. The hurt showed itself plainly in his face.
France wept and wailed, wrung her impotent hands and appealed to the dumfounded nations.
"Milles tonnerres!" cried Poirot, dumfounded. "And I--who have both the keys in my pocket!" He flung himself upon the case.
'And I'd be like, "Well, no." Everybody was utterly dumfounded. We were all bamboozled as to why it didn't go again.
Children and adults alike will be dumfounded at its perfection.
However, unexpectedly, when the IGAD's "Bridging Proposal" was out, circulated everybody was dumfounded including the author.
The meteoric rise to financial stardom of the Ngiritas family has even dumfounded their long-time friend Albert Munga (not his real name).He knew the family in their formative years as they resided in the humble county council estate and at times, according to Mr Munga, the family struggled to put food on the table.
But some commentators have claimed Jones' often inflammatory media comments before matches have made him fair game to the sort of treatment he endured, a claim that has dumfounded the similarly outspoken Healey.
His parents did not know beforehand that Mark would deliver the valedictory speech so they were dumfounded when their eldest son went up the stage and addressed his classmates and their parents eloquently!
He is completely dumfounded, doesn't know what to say or do so apparently all he yelled was "S !!!!" She grabbed all her clothes and ran out of the apartment crying without saying a word and, presumably, still covered in poop.
Take care, Zachary [Bos]" I was dumfounded, since my post was civil and entirely within the bounds of netiquette.
"When I reported it to police they were just dumfounded, and nobody at the insurance company could believe what had happened either.
The Exiles were dumfounded at the goal being ruled out, but misfortune wasn't done with them yet.